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Hi my name is Ashley and i really love one direction. I have a pretty good life and i am the class clown so if your friends with me expect some crazy things out of me. :) (No hate please this is my first one)


1. School

Ashley's P.O.V

Today is the last day of school and i can't wait to get out of this prison! My friends Julie, Andrea, Crystal, and Magda have been very excited about school ending because we have one direction concert tickets. "OMG" said my friends all at once. "What?" i said. "Check your text message!" said Julie. 

Text from unknown number: Hi I'm Niall From One Direction and i want to congratulate you on winning one meet and greet ticket at the next concert.

Me: Seriously?!?!? 

Unknown number: Yes seriously.

Me: Ok thx.

"Did anyone get a text from a member in one direction?"

"YES! And i am totally fangirling right now!" said Magda.


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