Forever young (A 1D fanfic)

Maria and Katie are going to live in a beach house on the shores of florida. The 1D boys are also on vacation there. Two words. Summer love.


4. Truth or dare

Maria's pov: we were all sitting around the fire playing truth or dare, with me not really paying attention. "Maria. Truth or dare?" Louis smirked. "Dare." I stated without even a seconds thought. "I dare you to........... Kiss Harry." He smiled remebering how Harry had checked me out earlier. "Uh. Ummm-" i got cut of by Harry smashing his lips into mine, then pulling them away leaving my lips to only remeber what his felt like. I felt sparks pulsate through my whole body when he kissed me. "Louis truth or dare?" I slyly smiled knowing he always picked dare. "Dare." He smirked in reponse to my sly smile. "I dare you to call eleanor and tell her your pregnant." I could barely finish my sentence before louis shouted. "NOOOOO!" "Louis just do it." Harry pushed. " ok fine." He whined as he pulled out his phone to dial her number " hey boobear!" Eleanor greeted through the phone. "Hey um el, there is no eash way to say this, so i'll just say it. Im pregnant." He explained. "Yay! Lou is pregnant! I am so happy for you babe! But i know this is a prank. Love you! Bye!" She ended the call. " was that so hard Boobear?" I questioned in a baby voice. All louis replied with was him pulling out his lip and nodding his head. 

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