Forever young (A 1D fanfic)

Maria and Katie are going to live in a beach house on the shores of florida. The 1D boys are also on vacation there. Two words. Summer love.


1. Finally Free

Marias POV:

Today is the day. The day I have been waiting for all of High school for. I am finally free to move out and do what I want to do with my life, and I am doing just that. My name is Maria White, and I am 18 years old and I live in a small town in England. I have blue eyes, and blonde hair and I am surprisingly tan for someone who is British. I have always hated the cold dreary days that come here in England, and that is why I am moving to America with my best friend Katie. We leave tomorrow for Florida, my family is pretty rich so my Mum and Dad have bought us a huge house on a practically empty stretch of beach to share. I honestly can't wait.

Katie's POV:

I just finished packing my last minute items, everything else is already at the house in America. I am tallish, about 5'9, and I have brown hair and hazel eyes. Sadly,unlike Maria I have pale skin. I got into my car and drove to Marias, we went to bed early though so we would not have to suffer as much jet lag. MARIAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! Get your lazy bum up!!! We are going to miss the flight if we don't leave soon! We said goodbye to our families and we were out the door. After a very long plane ride that included me blasting my earphones with One Direction, and Maria eating about 10 bags of pretzels and snoring... We finally arrived. When we stepped out of the airport we were welcomed by a gust of hot air and the salty smell of the beach. We got into the car that was waiting for us and drove to the beach  house, it took us about an hour but we made it. When we got there, I noticed that there was a new house next door. In all of the summers that we spent here the beach has been all ours, so I was quite curious as to who it was.

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