Forever young (A 1D fanfic)

Maria and Katie are going to live in a beach house on the shores of florida. The 1D boys are also on vacation there. Two words. Summer love.


3. Bonfire

When I got home, I went straight to Katie. When I told her who was staying next door, she about fainted. Then I told her about the bonfire. Even though we still had 6 hours until sundown she said we had to get ready. We both straightened our hair and wore bikinis with Jean shorts. Mine was bright blue and hers was purple. After the 4 long hours of waiting, we finally went down to the beach. When we got there the boys were building the fire. I could already see Niall checking Katie out. Little did I notice that Harry was checking me out. Then we decided to play truth or dare. It got interesting.

Authors note>>>> Sorry this is boring, I am looking for a co-author.

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