Snow in September

Grace and Cassidy have been friends forever and only have one difference. One Direction. Cassidy loves them and Grace isn't a fan. But what will happen when Grace runs into the famous Louis Tomlinson? Read to find out!


6. Chapter 6:

        Louis' POV.

   It has been 15 minutes since I sent a text to her and it says she has read it, SO WHY HASN'T SHE TEXTED BACL?!? In those 15 torturous minutes waiting for her reply, I told Zayn all about everything basically and asked for advice. His response.

   "You are really falling fast for this girl, huh?"

   "Yeah." I said with a huge smile. He paused for a moment then said

   "Is she hot?"

   I wacked his arm and said "I'm being serious for once in my life and you're cracking jokes? Zayn I really need you to focus right now." I finished practically begging

  "You're right I'm sorry. I'll be serious."

   I checked my phone again to see if she responded. "Why hasn't she responded?" I mumbled mostly to myself

   "Well mate its already almost 1 in the morning. She could be asleep."

just as I got a text. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and my face lit up. "It's from her!!! She responded!!" I read her text and it said 'Yeah I'll be there come by my condo first to switch cars. But only you can come, I don't want a bunch of guys coming over and knowing where I live.' I smiled widely Zayn was reading over my shoulder and said 

   "Ask her if I can come." Zayn pleaded. I figured why not so I texted back 'Can I please bring Zayn? I need him to give me directions.' She responded with in a few minutes giving me permission to bring Zayn and only Zayn. 

  --The Next Day--

  I woke up with the wonderful thought that I get to spend the day with with the amazingly beautiful Grace Vega. This thought brought a smile to my face. As I hopped in the shower I went over the plans in my head for the millionth time. Drop the boys off at Orange Leaf, Go get Grace, Get back to Orange Leaf, Have yogurt, Drive to putt putt golf (2 cars Zayn driving with Niall in the passenger side and me and Grace in the back and the other boys in the other car). After putt putt we drive back in the same fashion meet back up outside of Orange leaf  give Zayn to the other boys and I drive Grace home. 

  I went over the plan with the guys for the thousandth time just to make sure they were clear on everything. "Does everyone know the plan or should I run through it one more time?" I asked

  "NO!" they all shouted in unison

  "Don't worry Lou, We won't let you down!" Niall said

  "Yeah mate just calm down, We got your back!" Harry said

  "Thanks Haz, Thanks Nialler. I guess I'm just really nervous. I mean I really like her."

  "Then go get her or you'll be late." Liam interjected

  "Oh my god you're right, Zayn we gotta go!"

  "Coming mate." Zayn said as he got back in the car. We were less than 5 minutes away and I started to get really nervous and apparently Zayn noticed "Lou you need to relax."

  "I know Zayn but think about it I've fallen head of heals for this girl and she doesn't like me at all." I guess that was enough to shut him up becaue the rest of the ride was complete silence. When we arrived I got out slowly and Zayn and I walked to her door. We rang the door bell and knocked for probably 5 minutes. We almost gave up but rang the doorbell one more time and heard her scrambling down the steps of her two-story condo. She answered the door out of breathe and in her Pj's. But even in her morning stage she looked gorgeous.

   "Hey guys I'm so sorry. I was up so late last night and I guess I accidentally over slept." she explained shyly and 

   "No biggy we'll just wait for you to get ready ." I said

   "You sure?"


   "Well okay."   

           Grace's POV.

  I woke up and realised there was someone knocking on the door. Oh crap Louis and Zayn. How long have they been here? Are they about to leave? Should I risk Louis seeing me like this? I got out of bed and heard the doorbell ring. I hurried downstairs because I didn't want Louis to leave. I answered the door shyly and explained to them what happend. Louis was so nice he offered to wait for me! I invited them in and Zayn went straight to the couch and Louis and I started walking in when I tripped on my slipper and started to fall.

  I shut my eyes and yelped but then I felt a pair of muscular arms wrap around me. I opened my eyes to see Louis standing over me. He caught me! We stared into each other's eyes. His eyes are such a pretty blue. I got lost in them for what seemed like forever. I guess you could say I'm falling for him a little. Oh no was I really thinking this? I was still lost in his eyes when Zayn interjected

  "Hey Gra-," he said while turning his head "Oh am I interupting something?" I looked up at Louis and quickly stood up. 

  "No, What did you need?" 

  "How do you work the telly?" He asked. I walked over and helped him set everything up. Louis just stood in the exact same place, arms folded across his chest. 

  "I'm going upstairs to get ready." I stated and ran upstairs

    Louis' POV.

  We were just standing there, her in my arms and staring in to each others eyes but leave it to Zayn to ruin a good moment. I watched her walk over to him and help him with the telly. She looked so beautiful, even in the mornings. She was so thin and perfect. I wanted her to be mine so bad. I snapped out of my thought and texted Harry that we would be a little late. I sat down next to Zayn and watched the tv.

  "Sorry Louis. I didn't mean to-." He started

  "Don't worry mate. It's alright. She would've stopped it before anything happend anyway. Maybe I should just get over her and this delusion that I can get her to be mine and all mine."

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