Snow in September

Grace and Cassidy have been friends forever and only have one difference. One Direction. Cassidy loves them and Grace isn't a fan. But what will happen when Grace runs into the famous Louis Tomlinson? Read to find out!


3. Chapter 3:

      Louis' POV.

   "What?" I asked puzzled

   "You know who I'm talking about, she's gorgeous, funny, nice, helpful, and sweet."

   "Yeah!" I said smiling and day dreaming, picturing her. She laughed and I snapped out of my trance "What? What happend?" I asked urgently

   "I didn't say a name, Lou." She said smiling "But you are gonna tell me her name"

   "Will you keep it a secret?" I asked looking at her with a begging look

   "Of course, Lou." she said "I promise."

   "Okay, her name is Grace," I smiled a little "Grace Vega." I finished with a big grin

   "Well she's a lucky girl." she stated 

   "No, not exactly." I said, she looked confused "She doesn't like me or One Direction." I said sadly  

   "Oh, Lou," she said sympathetically "She'll come around, I know it. I'm sorry but I gotta go." she said while standing up. I stood up too and we hugged goodbye and that was that.  

--2 Days Later--

  I decided that, since I knew where she worked, I would stop by the Starbucks. I got up, got dressed, and told Zayn where I was going. and went downstairs and jumped into my car, not bothering to tell security I was leaving. I drove for about 15 minutes when I reached the Starbucks where she worked.

  I parked the car and nervously got out. While I was walking through the parking lot, I checked my phone, I had 2 texts from Harry. I unlocked my phone and replied, I checked the time it was only 11 AM. My mind started to wander as I walked 'Was she already there? How would I aproach her? What if she isn't supposed to work today? I just need to calm down' I snapped out of my thoughts as I entered the door. I decided I'm just going to play it off cool. I walked in and noticed her and imediately put my head down. Her friend Cassidy must've still been sick, I didn't see her there. Good, Grace said she was a fan and I didn't want to be recognized right now.

     Grace's POV.

  It was just after the morning rush hour and we only had a few costomers. There was a young woman with a laptop, A young couple with a baby, and a man who was dressed in a black shirt with a red and white design, white skinny jeans, red hightops and a grey beanie like the one I had on yesterday. He had glasses on and his head down but that didn't fool me, I knew who he was. Louis. I decided to act like I didn't know him that well, y'know, play it cool.

  "Hi! Welcome to Starbucks! May I take your order?" I asked in my most cheerful voice without looking up.

  "Um yeah I'll take a Vanilla Bean frappe, it is my favorite." He replied. My head shot up. Vanilla Bean frappe was my favorite, I get it all the time here, Oh crap I lost my cool. Oh well. I shrugged it off and gave up.

  "Hey Louis," I smiled "Will that be all?" I asked

  "Yeah," he thought "Wait! No actually."

  "What else would you like?" I asked 

  "You to join me for an early lunch." he said 

  I laughed "Seriously I need to get to work and I thought we covered this yesterday, I'm not interested and you have a girlfriend." I said while I walked out from behind the counter so I could clean the tables.

  "First of all Elenour and I broke up last night and I'm serious Grace, please just at least have a frappe with me." Louis pleaded

  "Ugh fine," I gave in and went to tell my boss I'm taking a break. I added another frappe to Louis' bill and then wet to the table he was at and sat down "What do you need?" I asked

   "Just to talk." he answered the took a sip of his drink

   "Anything specific?" I questioned

   "No." he said nonchalantly 

   "Then why talk to me?" I said rather rude and felt kinda bad about it but he wasn't getting my point. I'M NOT INTERESTED!!!

   "Because I can't get you out of my head no matter how hard I try." He admitted.

   "Oh." I just sat there in shock not knowing what else to say 'Why me' I thought

   "Will you please give me a week to change your mind about me and my friends?" he pleaded

   "No," I answered "I'll give you four days." i said with a smirk

   "Fine but it has to be 2 alone with me and 2 with all of my friends." he demanded

   "Alright as long as it alternates one day with you and one day with your friends," I thought for a little, then continued "without you." I ended with a smirk

         Louis' POV.

   "What?" I asked. How could she turn this on me? The whole point of my plan was to spend time with her.

   "You heard me." she said in a sassy manner

   "Yeah but that's not gonna happen." I stated

   "Oh and why not?" she asked leaning in

   "Because you might fall for one of the other guys." I simply stated leaning in as well

   "And why would that matter?" she asked getting closer

   "Because I have dibs." I stated again movin closer. I decided to pul up my phone under the table and record our conversatioin for no specific reason really. I guess just to hear her voice when she isn't around. Woah this isn't like me, What's going on?

   "Well your wasteing your time," she stated. Our faces were centimeters away now, I thought this was the perfect time to kiss her but then she continued "I'm not gonna fall for you, remember," she again stopped for a moment leaned in and whispered in my ear  "I am not interested." she got up and went back to work. I know what she said was negative but I loved it. When she whispered to me it sent chills down my neck and spine. I would get that girl to love me. I'm determined.


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