Snow in September

Grace and Cassidy have been friends forever and only have one difference. One Direction. Cassidy loves them and Grace isn't a fan. But what will happen when Grace runs into the famous Louis Tomlinson? Read to find out!


22. Chapter 22

          Zayn's POV.

  I was just sitting around the house today so I decided to see what Harry was up to. I called him and he didn't answer, same with Niall and Liam. No one was answering. I called Louis and just when I was about to give up, he answered.


  "Hey Louis what's up?"

  "Nothing really, I'm getting ready to go pick up Grace for our date."

  "Oh cool," I thought for a second then continued "Will you do me a favor?"

  "Yeah, what I it?"

  "Can I come with you to Grace's? I want to surprise Cassidy."

  "Um yeah that'll be fine. I'll come by your house on the way."

  "Okay thanks Lou!"

       --40 MINUTES LATER--

  Louis and I were pulling up to Grace and Cassidy's condo. I was excited to surprise Cassidy but I was worried that she already had plans. I really hoped that she didn't so I wouldn't look like a fool. Oh well whatever happens, happens. Although today I was hoping to make things official between us. Y'know, ask her to be my girlfriend.

  We walked up to their door. Louis knocked and Cassidy opened the door. She looked shocked. I just smiled. Grace then came walking down. Louis had this look on his face that I've never seen before. It was happy, excitement, and more I can't quite put my finger on it.

  "Um... hey?" Cassidy said

 "Hi. I wanted to see if you could hangout."

 "Oh um yeah, come on in." I walked in as Grace walked out with Louis.

 "So I brought some movies over to watch."

 "Okay. I'll go make some popcorn." She made the popcorn then came back and sat next to me. We were cuddling on the couch so I figured it was a good time to ask her to be my girlfriend.

  "Hey um I have a question."


  "So y'know how we kind of got this thing going. Well I was just thinking what if we made it official. Like you be my girlfriend? So um yeah I really like you so I'm gonna ask right. Will you be my girlfriend?"

     Cassidy's POV.




    ---- Hello Lovelies I know this is a short chapter. But I wanted to leave ya'll hangin ;) anyway II hope you like it but I'm not sure if you do because I'm not getting any feedback! I need you guys to comment and tell me what you think. Is it good? Is it bad? Should I change something? PLEEEEEASE let me know. XX -Kisses XX----    

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