Snow in September

Grace and Cassidy have been friends forever and only have one difference. One Direction. Cassidy loves them and Grace isn't a fan. But what will happen when Grace runs into the famous Louis Tomlinson? Read to find out!


19. Chapter 19:

     Grace's POV. 

  I walked right past everyone else and walked straight to them.

  "Hey baby sis! Cassidy told me you lost some of your memory. That's too bad." She said standing to give me a hug. I slapped her arms away.

  "Yeah I may not remember it exactly but I remember the betrayal and how we don't talk anymore. I also remember how you never said you're sorry."

  "I never told you that." Cassidy said confused. I looked back and said.

  "I remembered,." She smiled and I continued. "Now since you clearly aren't gonna say sorry I-"

  "You expect me to say sorry for meeting someone I love and who loves me back! Well then you're delousional. Why would I-"

  "Get out."


  "Am I not speaking English? Get out." She looked at me, her expression filled with shock. I just stood there pointing to the door. She looked at Riley and they walked out together. 

  "You're regaining your memory." Cassidy said in disbelief.

  "You remembered singing Radioactive in the car with me." Louis said

  "Well maybe when something happens now, that happened to me in my past, I guess I remember it."

  "So since you've kissed Louis in your past, do you think if he kissed you now, you'd remember your realtionship?" Harry asked steeping foward

  "I don't know... maybe. I guess it's worth a shot."  I walked up to him and we kissed. Everythhing came flooding back to me at that point. It was really over whelming. I pulled away and ran to my room. Everything was coming back to me. The day he ran into me, driving him home, falling for him, the day at Starbucks, the first day at the carnival, the first day with the boys, watching movies, our first kiss, introducing Cassidy, Cassidy and Zayn. I was all coming back. 

      Louis' POV.

  "I'll go check on her." Cassidy said

  "No wait, Let me. Please." She stopped andlet me go. I walked over to her room. Iknocked and waited for her approval

  "Come in." I walked in and sat on her bed. She smailed at me. "I remember." 


  "I remember everything."

  "You do?"

  "I do." She said smiling and giggling. She suddenly stopped. " I also remember how you are going back on tour in September." She looked sad so I hugged her.

  "Shh it's okay I'll be back in March. I know that 6 months and that seems like a long time but it'll go by quicker than you think." 

  "I know. I know." She said trying to smile

  "Are you hungry? Do you want to get some dinner?"

  "Lou it's 1 o'clock." She giggled

  "Right ok here." I said handing her my credit card "Go buy somrthing nice to wear tonight. I'm making reservations."

  "At where?"

  "It's a surprise.


 ---Hey guys! Um.. I'm going out of town for a couple of day and I won't be able to write. :,( Sorry dearies. Any way I also wanted to thank you for reading it. It means a lot considering I wasn't even gonna post at first so thanks for that and yeah I must go pack. See you when I get back. I think it'll be Sunday :) So it won't be too long. OK love you guys! Kisses!---

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