Snow in September

Grace and Cassidy have been friends forever and only have one difference. One Direction. Cassidy loves them and Grace isn't a fan. But what will happen when Grace runs into the famous Louis Tomlinson? Read to find out!


16. Chapter 16:

     Grace's POV. 

  "Louis!" I screamed and started to cry. The boys rushed by his side and I tried to but Jack's hold was too strong. Louis was lying on the ground grasping his arm and Jack started to drag me out the door. He had one hand covering my mouth and another holding the knife to my neck. He took me down the stairs and out the back door of the hotel.

  I was crying really hard because of how scared I was. Scared for me... Scared for Louis... Just scared. Jack shoved me into the back of a black car. He went around to the driversseat and started to drive.

  "Where are you takeing me?" I asked

  "Some place no one will fiind you." he said coldly. I shed another tear and remembered I had grabbed my phone. I whipped it out and texted Liam because he always had his phone. 'How's Louis?' 

  'How do you have your phone? Are you alright? Does he know you're texting me?'

  'No he doesn't. How's Louis?'

  'He'll be fine. Are you alright?'

  'I'm fine.'

  'Where are you?'

  'I don't know but I'm scared.'

  'I have an idea. I s your volume off?'


  'Okay hold on.' I read his text and waited. I felt my phone buzz in my hand and I looked down. Liam was calling me. I clicked answer and he whispered "Don't let him see your phone. I'm with the police and they are gonna track the call I want you to say 'here' when you have stopped. The police will then trace the call and come after you."

  "Okay." I whispered quietly hoping Jack wouldn't hear. About 10 minutes later the car came to a halt and Jack got out. "Here" I whispered to Liam. He let the authorities know. They immediately started to trace the call. I hid my phone just as Jack came around and grabbed me by my hair. "OW!" I cried.

  "Get inside." he demanded. I was gonna resist but he pulled a gun out. He walked inside behind me and held me at gun point. I was still crying. I heard Liam ask if the call had been traced yet. The officer told him it had and that he should hang up. Liam did.

  "What are you gonna do to me?"

  "Well I'm gonna do exactly what I did to your father. I'm gonna put a bullet through your pretty little head. Then I'm gonn take you back to that carnival and put you where I put your father. Although you are very pretty, I might just have something else planned. Maybe it rhymes with grape." I gasped and cried harder.

    Liam's POV. 

  We had traced the call and were heading to her now. I hope she was okay. I was in the car with Niall, Harry and Officer Dan. Louis and Zayn were with Officer Chase. We were still 20 minutes away and we had already been driving for 30 minutes. I was scared we wouldn't make it in time. 20 MINUTES LATER. Right as we arrived at an abandoned hotel we heard a gun shot. 

      Louis' POV.

  We all exchanged glances and charged in. Jack stood over Grace with a gun in hand. The police rushed over to Jack and arrested him and I went to Grace. He had shot her in the shoulder but she was still losing blood and and she was loosing it fast. 



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