Snow in September

Grace and Cassidy have been friends forever and only have one difference. One Direction. Cassidy loves them and Grace isn't a fan. But what will happen when Grace runs into the famous Louis Tomlinson? Read to find out!


15. Chapter 15:

           Grace's POV.

  "A carnival?" I asked

  "Yep. I'll be there in 20." He said and hung up before I could protest. I put on dark blue jean shorts and just a casual tee. I put on some make up and packed my purse. Louis was here in about 20 minutes like he said and we were ready to go. We were driving for about 15-20 minutes when we finally arrived at the carnival. I shed a tear or two when I realized this is the exact place where the police found my dad's body. Lifeless and cold. They never found the guy who was responsible and that made me tear up again. The fact that he is still out there.

  I dried up my eyes and caught up to Louis at the ticket booth. We rode a bunch of rides and the whole time I felt like we were being watched. I looked back and saw a scary but familiar so I shrugged it off. We had ridden almost all of the rides so he suggested the faris wheel. I figured why not and so we went. We had to wait in line for a while but when we got there the sun was setting and it was beautiful.  

   We got to the very top when and the faris wheel came to a jolting stop. We looked down at the control box and saw the worker knocked out and on the ground. I looked at who was controling the ride and saw that it was the man that was scary but familiar. He looked like he would be in his 50s and he was wearing dark clothing. Then it hit me this man was my mom's ex-boyfriend she had to get a restraining order against. I think his name is Jack.  Anyway when she dumped him he became super obsessed but it's when she married my dad, that's when he went insane. He insisted that my dad was the reason she wouldn't come back to him so she got a restraining order.

   I quickly filled Louis in and he said it would be best if we left. I thought the same thing but then we noticed Jack was climbing up the side of the faris wheel to get us. I got really scared and clenched onto Louis until he saw the same thing. His eyes widened and we quickly climbed out of our seats. We started climbing down the opposite side of the faris wheel and I couldn't see him. I heard a big thump and figured it was just Louis jumping down but boy was I wrong.

  What had actually happened was Jack tried to out smart us and went back to the bottom. But what he didn't expect was for Louis to get down first and knock him out. It was getting dark fast so we headed home. It took us a shorter time to get back home because we were kind of in a rush to get away from there. We got to the hotel room and all of the boys were there Cassidy had to work the night shift at  her new job away from Aiden. Louis and I rushed in and locked the door. We explained everything to everyone and their face went blank. I pulled Louis into the kitchen area and told him something I had forgotten to mention on the car ride home.

  "I think that man is the man who murdered my father." He looked at me with wide eyes

  "Are you serious?" I just nodded and started to cry. He wrapped me up in a warm sweet hug but it was all ruined when we heard punding on the door. 

  "Open up. I know Grace is in there."

  "No! Go away!" Zayn shouted

  "Not until I get what I want."

  "What do you want?" Harry asked. Just then Jack kicked open the door. He pointed straight at me and said.


  "Me?" I asked shakily. He gave me an evil grin 

  "Yes. You."

  "You can't take her." Louis said and he started to charge Jack. Jack quickly whipped out a knife and and smiled an evil smile

  "LOUIS STOP!" I screamed. He saw the knife and stopped abruptly. He slowly backed up as Jack walked towards him. Louis backed up past me on accident. Jack saw that and charged towards me. I was gonna run to Louis but he was too quick. He caught and held the knife to my throat. I was wimpering in fear as Louis just stood there, crying.

  "Okay here's what is gonna happen. I'm gonna take her and you aren't gonna stop me." I saw my phone on the isladn a few inches away so while Jack was distracted telling everyone the plan I grabbed it. 

  "Not a chance!" Louis said and charged Jack again. Jack took his blade away from my throat and cut Louis' arm. He screamed in pain and fell to the floor.

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