Snow in September

Grace and Cassidy have been friends forever and only have one difference. One Direction. Cassidy loves them and Grace isn't a fan. But what will happen when Grace runs into the famous Louis Tomlinson? Read to find out!


13. Chapter 13:

          Louis' POV.   

   I reached over and punched him again. This time it was a tad less hard for two   . One because I didn't want him to pass out again and two because we were right in front of the cops.

  Cassidy and I headed back up to the room. We saw Zayn sitting on the stool in the kitchen with an ice pack to his head and Grace was on the couch with her head in her hands. I walked over to her and sat down. 

  "Hey babe!" 

  "Louis! Oh my god are you okay? Did he hurt you any where. I was so worried. Did you put up a fight? Was it a challenge? Did he hurt your mouth? Why aren't you answering my questions? Are yo-"

   "Because you aren't giving me anytime!" I laughed. She smiled in embarrassment

   "Yeah I'm okay. Don't worry about me, I'm fine thanks for asking." Cassidy shouted from the kitchen. We all laughed and I looked back at Grace, she was smiling and looking at Cassidy. Her smile was so beautiful, I loved it. She was so pretty and yet she doesn't let that go to her head like Elenour kinda was or any of my other past girlfriend's. She loved life and was so carefree and funny and loud and just the perfect match for me over all just like Cassidy was for Zayn.

        Grace's POV. 

   I noticed Louis staring at something random which must mean he's thinking hard about something.

   "A penny for your thoughts?" I giggled

   "Oh please. They're worth so much more." I laughed again and looked down shyly. I don't know why I was still so shy around him. I mean he's my boyfriend but he is better looking than like all other guys so yeah. I was still intimidated by him. I felt his hand under chin, He gently guided it up to face him and said.

   "You are beautiful no matter what anyone says or what you think." I blushed and he lightly kissed me. Our kiss grew more passionate and quick, that is until Zayn spoke up. 

   "Hey you two get a room." He said I looked over at him and stuck my tongue out at him playfully. Cassidy was sitting on his lap and I thought it was so adorable so I got my phone out and snapped a quick pic. They laughed and came over to sit on the couch with Louis and I. We put on the movie Bridesmaids. When the movie ended it was about 10:15 and no one was tired. Louis suggested we play truth or dare, so we al sat on the floor and he walked across the hall and invited the boys. Liam invited Danielle and I got a good idea.

  "Hey would it be alright if I invited one of my friends?" I asked looking at Louis

  "Of course babe"

  "She is like a pretty big fan. Her and Cassidy fangirl a lot." We all turned and looked at Cassidy. She was bright red from embarrassment.

   Louis laughed and said "That's alright." I got up and walked into the other room to get my phone. I dialed my friend Emily's number and called her.


  "Hey what are you doing?"

  "Nothing why?"

  "Wanna hang?"

  "Sure I'll be at your place in-"

  "I'm not at my place."

  "Oh where are you then"

  "I'm at Shore Side Hotel. Just come and I'll meet you in the lobby"

  "Um alright I'll be there soon." She hung up

  When she got there I explained to her that Cassidy was here and we were with our boyfriends. She gasped and I laughed. We were almost to the floor when I stopped

  "Don't scream and fangirl when we walk in. Promise?"

  "Yeah okay I promise but why would I fangirl?"

  "You'll see." I winked and opened up the door. Louis came running over to me and gave me a big hug and told me he missed me even though I was gone for like 10 minutes. I giggled and he kissed my lightly on the lips. We pulled away when Niall asked.

  "Um Grace, you wanna introduce us to your friend there."

  "Oh right, Guys this is Emily. Emily this is Harry, Liam, Zayn, Louis and-"

  "I'm Niall." he said with a wink. Emily giggled and then we started our game of truth or dare.

  "Liam truth or dare?" Zayn asked


  "I dare you to go outside and moon the world." We all laughed as Liam did his dare. He walked back in cracking up because some business man saw him and flipped him off. 

     Niall's POV.

  Okay so I really liked Grace's friend Emily. She had pretty blonde hair and gorgeous green eyes. She was fit and almost as tall as me but not quite. She was really nice and funny and care free. But, I'm not exactly good with girls so I talked to Liam. I told Liam that I liked her and he said. 

  "I gotcha little buddy." I laughed because I knew he would come up with something really quick.

  We've been playing for over an hour and it was Liam's turn.

  "Emily truth or dare?" Liam asked


  "I dare you to kiss Niall for at least 5 seconds." She looked over at me and I looked at Liam who just winked. I looked back to her and smiled. She came over and sat next to me. I was really excited and happy that Liam did that for me. She closed her eyes and leaned in. I did the same and our lips...

      Emily's POV.

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