Snow in September

Grace and Cassidy have been friends forever and only have one difference. One Direction. Cassidy loves them and Grace isn't a fan. But what will happen when Grace runs into the famous Louis Tomlinson? Read to find out!


11. Chapter 11:

       Cassidy's POV.

  "N-no Zayn stop," I stuttered pushing him away. He looked confused and embarrassed. "I have a boyfriend. Y'know the one we were just talking about a second ago."

  "Yeah I know but he doesn't deserve you babe. He-"

  "Don't call me babe. I am not your babe." I said walking over to my stuff, grabbing it, getting the keys from Grace's bag, and went to go tell her I was leaving.

   "What? Why?" she asked still clung to Louis

   "Something happened," I looked at Louis, then Zayn, then back to Grace and continued "I'll tell you later." And with that I walked away. I got in the car and blared the music. I drove to Starbucks, it was Aiden's shift, and I really needed to talk to him.

   On the way to Starbucks I stopped at a hair salon and got my hair done. Something about what Zayn said stuck with me. I did deserve a guy who noticed me. It had been two and a half hours sine I left the pool when I got to Starbucks and parked the car. It was about 5 minutes after closing but it wasn't locked so walked in "Sorry we're clo-," Aiden started to say but then saw it was me "Hey babe."

   "Hi." I said

   "What's up?"

   "Oh nothing can you get me a-"

   "Iced carmel coffee? Of course I can." he smiled and so did I.

   "Yeah thanks."

   "So I was thinking about going out with the guys. We got tickets to a baseball game"

   "Which ones?"

   "Mike, Luke, Chris, Dean, and Justin."

   "Cool when?"


   "Oh." I said disappointedly

  "What's wrong?"

  "Aiden tomorrow is our 1 year anniversary."

  "Oh crap right. Ugh I totally forgot." 

  "Yeah just like you forgot my birthday in April."

  "Oh yeah but that was an accident."

  "Isn't this one?" I was getting frustrated

  "Yeah this one is too."

  "Aiden I got my hair done today." I said out of no where. He looked up.

  "What? No you didn't. You don't look any different."

  "Yes I did. I got my split ends trimmed off, I got layers and I got my highlights redone." 


  "Aiden I want to break up."

  He suddenly stopped what he was doing and looked up angrily "What."

  "I want to break up." I said again this time more stern

  "Why? Is there another guy?"

   "Maybe but as of right now I am single." I said confidently and walked out of Starbucks. i got in my car and texted Grace. 'Hey. Where r u?'

   'Louis and Zayn's hotel room. Why? Oh and PS Zayn told us everything.'

   'Okay cool. I'm on my way. Don't tell it's a surprise' I drove to the hotel and went up to their room. As I was in the elevator I remembered how mean I was to Zayn today and I felt so horrible I started to cry. The elevator dinged and I got off. I went to their room and knocked. I was still crying a little when Zayn answered the door.

  "Cassidy? Something's different with your hair," he looked at my teary eyes "Are you okay?"

   "I'm so sorry Zayn I was a jerk to you and I didn't mean it and you were right and," I was just rambling at this point "so I broke up with Aiden and then I started thinking and I felt so ba-" He cut me off by kissing me. ;) ;P :) :P.

   It only lasted a few seconds before he pulled away and jokingly said "Shut up." I giggled and he kissed me again. We just stood in the door way practically making out. No wait we were definitely making out until we heard a loud crash in the hallway. We looked down the hall to see none other than Aiden.

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