Snow in September

Grace and Cassidy have been friends forever and only have one difference. One Direction. Cassidy loves them and Grace isn't a fan. But what will happen when Grace runs into the famous Louis Tomlinson? Read to find out!


1. Chapter 1:


   Grace's POV.

     I groaned as my alarm clock was going off. It's 8 am and i had to be at work at 9 with my friend Cassidy. Cassidy was my best friend she had beautiful brown hair with blonde highlights that went down to the top of her ribs, she has green eyes, olive skin and she was about 5'6. I, on the other hand, am about 5.5. I have naturally wavy, long, and  blonde hair with natural highlights that went to my lower back, i have tan skin (I'm half Puerto Rican), and bright blue eyes. I'm 19, almost 20 and Cassidy just turned 19 a few months back.


   I got dressed in blue jean shorts and a light grey shirt with a slight v-neck and a light grey beanie with grey converse hightops. I then applied some eyeliner and mascara. I grabbed my bag, ran downstairs, ran to my dark blue VolksWagon Jetta and hopped in. Once i turned the key, I immediatly blasted the music. I got to Cassidy's apartment, from my condo, in 20 minutes, I honked twice and she came running out. When she reached my car she looked at me and asked if we could just walk. I figured why not so I hopped out of my car and we walked to Starbucks for work.


   We arrived at work in 15 minutes. Just on time! We walked in and were ambushed by the morning customers who all needed their coffees at the same time, so they could get to their job. Aiden showed up late as usual. Aiden was our BGF (best guy friend) and he was Cassidy's boyfriend. We met him when we moved to California and started school last summer and I guess they hit it off really well. We all decided to get the morning shift here.


   We finished our shift at Starbucks and the three of us headed to school. We attended California University just a few miles away. We still had an hour to kill so we figured we would walk since it's not that far away. While we were walking all Cassidy talked about was the One Direction concert she wanted to go to in a month. I was so annoyed! I dont even like them! Ugh whatever.


   When the school day was over I was so happy. It's our last week and exams are stressing me out. Cassidy was so lucky today, she got out early since she threw up. Yuck! But that means I have to walk home alone. Great. I started my journey with my headphones in and my head down. I had no reason to have it up, I knew my way by heart, I've walked it like a million times. I was passing the inter-section on the road when a tall man (seeming to be about 5'7 or 5'8, I came up to his nose) slammed right into me sending me straight to my butt and sending his sun-glasses right off his face and onto the ground.

   "Oh, sorry love. Are you alright?" the man said. He had a thick British accent and bright eyes. I couldn't tell what color they were in the dark night but i didn't really mind.

  "Yeah, Im fine." I stood up and brushed myself off. I then turned to the man and looked him straght in the eye to hand back his sunglasses, and asked why he needed them at night. But that's when I realized who he was and why he needed them. "Y-your Louis Tomlinson." I stuttered in astonishment

   "Yes I am!" he said with a cheeky grin "What's your name daring?"

   "Grace Vega." I stated

   "Hi Grace, always nice to meet a fan"

   "Oh believe me, I am NOT a fan!" I said rather harshly

   "Your not?!" he asked surprised

   "Nope." i said popping the 'p' sound

   "Then how did you recognize me?" he said while raising one eyebrow

   "All of my friends are obsessed with you and your little friends." I retorted

   "Oh." he said looking disappointed "Well anyway, I'm lost can you help me get back to my hotel?"

   I took a deep breathe, let out a sigh, and said.  "Fine come with me." 

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