Somewhere Secret



3. chapter 1

I wake up to my alarm clock, i hit snooze, get up and get on a white t-shirt,jeans, and my black and green high tops and walk downstairs "good morning mama" "morning sweetie is it okay if i drop you off at the new house and you can finish whatever you're doing there because me and your father have to go and get you sister from your Aunt Jenny's house" she says with her sweet voice "yes ma'am don't forget you said Tyler could come over and stay with me" " yes i remember Hannah if you two are together i don't want him staying" "Mom i promise we aren't together i don't like him and he doesn't like me we are best friends and we are staying best friends" "okay" she says as sarcastically as she can.

I walk into my new houses front door and it still looked the way it did last time i can't wait till we get to move in "let's get started" i walk upstairs into my attic and it's as dusty as ever.  There's a box up the with nails, hammers, paint, paint brushes, and etc.  I grab the box and go back downstairs and the doorbell rings "Hold on one second!!" i yell as i put the box down, i run to the door and open it "hi" Tyler says "hi" i say back "why don't you come in" "thanks" he walks in and looks around " this is a nice place" "my mom isn't here you don't have to be awkward" "cool okay so what's going on I've been dying to see you again life has been boring for me" okay slow down it's been okay for me i guess just moving" "awesome do you need any help" " yeah actually painting that room in there pink and my room blue and helping me fix the stairs but i will start with the stairs and you paint my sisters room" "really fine" he walks into my sisters room and starts painting

Tyler's p.o.v

"the paint smells horrible" i yell for her to hear "yeah i know that's why i put you on paint duty" she laughs, and so do i "that's not cool hey when is your family going to be back" 3 minutes after i say that she doesn't reply " Hannah are you okay" i walk out and she's not there i look all around and i still haven't seen her and she couldn't be outside because i would hear the door i walk over to the closet and i open it and it's her shoe ripped in half i just stand there in shock because the floor has bits of blood on the floor what happened to her "HANNAH" i scream loud as her parents dash into the house "what happened sweetie"her mom says " Hannah i don't know where she is and it's her shoe and blood and what's going on" "Kim call the police for me" her dad says gently to Hannahs sister Kim as she dials 911 her father looks at the shoe and blood "do you think she was kidnapped?" he asked me "no i don't know i didn't hear anything i was painting a room and when i asked her a question she was gone i don't know where she is" i was trying not to cry what if she was kidnapped whoever it is should be arrested i will kill them she's like my sister this can't be happening "the police is on the way daddy" Kim said "thank you darling" her dad says as his eyes are filled with tears holding them back.  When the police got there they escorted us out and asked us billions of questions a cop walks up to us and explains "there isn't a trace of anyone entering or exiting the house and there isn't fingerprints on the shoe but the blood belongs to Miss Hannah Winston" "thank you for messaging us" Hannahs dad says as the cop walks away

Keeps dragging her body down the dark underground tunnel as her body is being covered in dirt 

Tyler's p.o.v 

a week later nothing is heard about her i haven't been to school i haven't got up from my bed but to go to the bathroom "MOM" i yell as my mom heads up the hall and opens the door "yes sweetheart" "did Hannahs family call back yet" "no sweetie they haven't heard about Hannah if you need to talk you know i'm here right" "i know i'm just really upset she was like a sister I've never had she's very important to me" "but they did contact me yesterday and said that they are done in a month" "that means they are going to say she's dead" "yes that's what it means" "why would they do that, that is there daughter don't they care about her, apparently not because they aren't going to keep searching for her they're just going to give up and move on like nothing happened" i say angrily "son, i know it's hard to take it in but they have so much going on right now and they need support from everyone that they can get it from because they don't have much right now and they need help "you can forget about me supporting their great idea about stopping the search for their daughter" i roll my eyes and turn the other way "i can't believe they would do that" "well guess what it's not my option to make them keep looking for her" "okay mom just leave" "fine" she walks out while slamming the door i don't get why they won't keep looking for her.

It's 2 months later and we are suppose to go to Hannahs "funeral" because she's "dead"  i get up and walk downstairs in my suit and i eat breakfast and get ready while my mom is taking forever after she's ready we get in the car and leave.  We get there and there is a lot of people there and we get inside and we listen to everything i cried the whole time thinking about our memories together as we get ready to go i take my first step outside and my skin starts to burn like crazy i feel like someone set me on fire i fall to the ground screaming in pain while my skin is burning itself "HELP ME" i scream as i blackout.  I wake up in the hospital and i look at my mom "what happened" i ask in a gentle voice " we don't know yet all we know is that you have a 3 degree burn on your arms, legs, stomach, and back" "i feel horrible" "it's going to be okay sweetie" the doctor walks in with papers in his hand "we believe that he is allergic to the sun so allergic that he could get burns" he said "he was fine this morning" my mom said confused "we don't know how he got allergic to it that fast but he is allergic" "okay thank you when will he be able to go home" "in a couple of days" he says i am so relieved but also confused what's going on i really don't understand what's happening but all i know is that Hannah is going to come back 

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