Love or Lust ? 💜

Diamond life is full if drama , she's scared that her boo Stank loves his drug life more than her . Diamond and Stank been together since high school . Stank is one of the top notch dope dealer in Chicago , Diamond has to choose if she wants to be second in his life or let him go and start over with someone new in her life. The drama never ends in Traci ( diamond ) La'nae Lovee life !


1. Starrde'aa Mosley ( Starr )

" Jamarcus ! " I yelled with all my might " answer me , why the fuck you still texting this hoe ? " I turned the phone facing him and smashing it in his face. " So now you ain't got shit to say huh ? so you just gone ignore me like I ain't shit ! " . Jamarcus was sitting down on his bed looking out the window as if i wasn't there , when he ignores me like I ain't shit pisses me off . Me and Slim ( Jamarcus )  been together for two years now. We done had some fucked up times in our relationship , it ain't never stopped us from trying to work shit out but this shit with miaa bum ass being getting old and fast . " Starr gone on some where else with all that bullshit and me my phone back " my face twisted as the words came out his mouth and i begin to fell my blood to boil " nigga you ain't getting shit back to you tell me why the fuck you sent a picture if yo dick to this hoe ! " " Starr man don't make me do some crazy fareal , just give me my fucking phone and get on .. This what you wanted right ! You went through my phone to see some shit and now that you did ain't my fault , don't go looking fa shit if you know you can't handle it ! " my eyes begin to water , * don't cry fa his ass i ain't never cried over no nigga and ain't finna start today because if his bum ass *. So I looked at his phone and stared at the message " you know JAMARCUS I've been loyal to yo stupid ass this year i know I done did some shit on the past but i stopped because i really did care for you and love you , even though you say you love me "  " wait Starr that's where you wrong when the fuck you gone realize i don't love you , you just like half these females you a swoop you ain't gone be nun bit a swoop ! ". my heart stop i couldn't breathe and my eyes started burning . " Slim FUCK YOU ! you can't see the difference between who there for you and you ain't cause you got all these hoes around you and telling you shit in yo ear ! and you can't see pass shit cause you got pussy thrown at you from left ti right but it's ok cause im gone you ain't got to worry about me no more " i was crying hard i could barely get the words out my mouth . I ran out the room and grabbed my keys and purse , Slim came walking behind me " give me my phone " I turned facing him and through that bitch as hard as i could at his face " Starr what the fuck man " " Shut the fuck up " I wipe my eyes and smiled " oh yeah im pregnant too " then smiled and walked out leaving him in shock 

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