My Vampire Love Life (COMPLETE)

Winter Luna Rose is a regular 17 year old girl who loves to have fun. And she is also very brave. But what if she figures out the secret lives of the band of her dreams? Will she fall for them or will she have to face the fact that she is one of them? But, little did the band and Winter know that she was a pureblood vampire. How will she react when she figures out?


13. Chapter Thirteen!

Winter's POV

I woke up groggily the next morning because I heard a text. I opened it and it was from Liam. "Huh? What is Liam doing up at 7 in the morning?" I read his text and yawned. 

Text convo:

Liam: Hey Winter! Mind if we hang out together? It is a wonderful morning and the lads are still asleep. Do you mind meeting me at Starbucks?

Me: Um...okay! Sure! What time should I be at Starbucks?

Liam: Hm...maybe around 7:30. Is that okay with you

Me: Kay! See you later Liam!

*End of convo*

I hopped out of bed and took a quick shower. I rolled my hair in the towel to dry and decided to wear a pink tank top and blue jeans. I took out my white flats and let my hair loose. I was about to brush my hair, but I heard something hit my window. When I looked out, I saw Liam smiling. I brushed my hair real fast. "Ow! I'll remind my self to not take a long time picking out clothes next time. I was fast, but careful so I wouldn't scream in pain whenever I accidentally have a really bad tangle of hair. "Well, I don't care if it's perfect or not, but I'm going!" I rushed down to the front door and opened it to see Liam grinning at me. "Wow! You look cute!" I blushed and laughed. "Aw! Thanks Liam! But I thought we were gonna meet at Starbucks." Liam smiled and blushed a little. "But I really wanted to see you, and I wouldn't want you to leave your house alone because we're in a vampire neighborhood right now." I blinked. "Oh yeah. I completely forgot about that!" We laughed and walked to Liam's car. I was about to open the door, but Liam opened it for me. "Aw! Thanks Liam!" It was an awkward drive there, but we both decided to just get some drinks and head to the beach. At the beach, the sun was about to set. "Wow. The sunset is so beautiful." Liam smiled at me and I looked down blushing. "But it's not as beautiful as you." I looked up into Liam's eyes and we both leaned in. It was a sweet and passionate kiss. When we pulled apart, we both looked into each other's eyes and blushed. Liam's eyes were suddenly wide. "Oh my, WInter I am so sorry! I didn't know what got into me and I just...-" I cut him off by kissing him again. We pulled away and I laughed. "It's okay Liam. I actually enjoyed it." I looked down blushing when I said the last part. I felt him lift my chin up gently, making me stare into his beautiful brown eyes. "I enjoyed it, too." We both leaned in again, but this time, I wrapped my arms around his neck. When we pulled away for breath, we both smiled at each other. I blushed, but it felt like something was wrong for some reason.

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