My Vampire Love Life (COMPLETE)

Winter Luna Rose is a regular 17 year old girl who loves to have fun. And she is also very brave. But what if she figures out the secret lives of the band of her dreams? Will she fall for them or will she have to face the fact that she is one of them? But, little did the band and Winter know that she was a pureblood vampire. How will she react when she figures out?


15. Chapter Fifteen!

Lily's POV

I woke up super early in the morning and rushed to Winter's house. It was Monday, but a holiday. I was wearing a pink shirt with blue jean shorts. I ran towards Winter's house and I didn't know that someone was in front of me and I bumped into them. "Oh, um sorry love." I looked up to see Harry. "Oh. Hey Harry!" I smiled and jumped up, dusting myself. Harry smiled, showing his dimples and I smiled back. Harry was cute, but my heart already belonged to someone. "Hey, Harry? Do you know who Marcel is?" Harry's eyes widened and he turned to me. "Oh. mean that nerd in school?" I glared at Harry and huffed. "He isn't a nerd. He just dresses like that. And that was mean." I crossed my arms. I suddenly heard Harry mumble something. "Wait. What was that?" Harry looked at me int the eyes. "Oh. Nothing." I blinked and sighed. "Well, do you know his number?" I saw Harry stiffen and I raised a brow. "Are you okay, Hazza?" Harry shook his head and just smiled at me. "Oh, yeah. I know his number." Harry wrote down a number and gave it to me. "Thanks Harry! Now I can call him!" Harry raised a brow. "Why do you want to call him?" I blushed and smiled. "Well, he's really sweet and I'd love to hang out with him again. Also, I..." I paused and looked at the ground. "...I really like him." I turned to see Harry with wide eyes. I laughed and took my phone out. "I think I'll call him right...-" Harry cut me off by waving his hands in front of my face. "Wait! Why don't you just call him later? He might be sleeping still!" I raised a brow. "Haz? Your acting weird. Is everything okay?" Harry sighed and ran away from me. "Harry!" I watched him run in the distance and I just sighed. I was in front of Winter's house, but I stayed outside so that I could call Marcel. He picked up at the second ring and I smiled. "Hey Marcel! How are you?" I heard him yawn and I blushed. He sounded SO cute when he yawned. "Oh. Hey Lily! How are you? And why are you up at 6 in the morning when there's no school?" I laughed. "Long story short, which you'll have no time to hear because it's a secret that I need to tell Winter about." I heard Marcel groan. "Aw! After that, you wanna meet at the park?" I smiled. "Sure! Meet you there at 7!" I hung up and knocked on Winter's front door. No one answered and I headed towards the park. I wonder why Harry was acting weird.

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