My Vampire Love Life (COMPLETE)

Winter Luna Rose is a regular 17 year old girl who loves to have fun. And she is also very brave. But what if she figures out the secret lives of the band of her dreams? Will she fall for them or will she have to face the fact that she is one of them? But, little did the band and Winter know that she was a pureblood vampire. How will she react when she figures out?


18. Chapter Eighteen!

Niall's POV
So Liam and Winter are together, huh? I walked over to a swing and kicked the dirt below it when I sat down. I started to swing myself slowly until I felt a hand on my shoulder. I jumped up in fright and turned around to see who it was. I gasped to see who it was. It was my two most favorite vampires in the world. "Peyten! Mayralee!" I rushed up to them and hugged them both really tight. "Haha! Hey Niall! Long time no see!" I let them go and smiled. "Long time no see May!" I hugged Mayralee and smiled. "It's been a long time since I saw you two! How are you?" I didn't notice that Mayralee was putting bunny ears on me until Peyten started to laugh. "Stop it, May." I started to chase her around while Peyten laughed. Then I heard Liam's voice. I stopped in my tracks and hid behind Peyten. "Niall! Where are you?" Liam came out of the bushes and stared at Peyten. Peyten smiled at him and waved. "Hey Liam! Long time no see!" Liam turned red and looked down. "Long time no see Peyten. Have you seen Niall?" I wasn't crouching that low so Peyten's short blonde hair brushed against my nose. Peyten was just two inches taller than me so I sneezed, revealing where I was hiding. "There you are Niall! Winter's looking for you!" Mayralee popped up from behind me and tilted her head. "Who's Winter?" I walked to Liam and sighed. "Fine." Then I remembered about Peyten and Mayralee. "Can May and Pey come?" It felt as if was Peyten glaring at me. "Niall. Who said that you could call me that?" I rushed to Peyten and did my puppy dog eyes. "Please? Can I call you Pey?" Peyten looked away and covered my eyes. "Oh, not the puppy dog eyes!" She looked back to see me still doing the puppy dog eyes and groaned. "Fine! You win!" I jumped up with happiness. "Yay! Pey and May are coming with us then!" Liam laughed at me and I remembered that him and Winter were together. I stayed behind the three of them and looked down the whole way.

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