Reality of dream

mass of description alongside bunch of action.


1. Lost soul

Step above the other I gently placed scared from the creaking voice coming from the stairs, a swirling staircase half way up in the dead of night I kept on climbing, walls of huge blocks at both sides in the darkness other than the many rays of moon sneaking in from various places among the walls and the wooden door right in front, step away i opened the door as much of the light from patches in the door shone on my muscular body, i proceeded under the moonlit terrace, open like a round castle wall but with filth and sand, dead leaves and bugs, shining creepily all around, at every step towards the little figure I saw leaning against the wall while her legs tucked at her chest, tightened by her hands in which she had her head hidden. I progressed slowly towards that lost soul as the creaks of bugs squishing and leaves crunching echoed in the air, until my steps froze from the sight of that girl bringing her head out and loosening her grip as her blue eyed gaze seemed to have crushed my soul, sweat arousing on my face giving away my fear, her frightful eyes now taking a view of my entire body just as she was scanning it for something, she separated her hands completely just before pushing with much of her might to be on her feet in just one push of the ground, just then i noticed the diameter around her body so clean As it came just then out of its box, approaching me with her bare feet, dead to the creepiness of mashing those already dead things she approached me until i felt her breath on my face, just a little taller than me, an inch at the most but a weak built body with scrappy clothes having more tears than my hair, her long hands and long legs were the reason of her height as she just had a small chest unlike me, her blue eyes shining like bulbs in darkness penetrated me, i was scared, my breath taken with every exhale i felt from her until the very moment she allowed words to leave her mouth. “I knew that voice, I remembered” I thought to myself that very moment, the mixtures of dirt on her face started to disappear in my eyes as my mind made that lost soul to be her, her eyes her biggest distinction, how could I not know, her words




Her frightening voice took air out of my mouth and I kept silent staring at her feet in grief even when I knew the entire story, with not enough courage to shout in her face





I stayed that way even when I knew it was her fault, her mistake not mine but I could not say anything to that lost soul! Her so desperate yet scary eyes giving me the chills, I hated it for being unable to say something, tell her what I wanted.


Just then, i found myself on my bed realizing it was a dream until i saw the comforter not on me but fallen half on the floor just as i had gotten off the bed, ignoring my dream, that i luckily remembered for some reason which happens only once a blue moon, i went back in my thoughts!!



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