Love Is Why I Wake Up In The Morning *sequel to Love Is In My DNA**Completed*

*Sequel to Love Is In My DNA* Ally and Louis has just gotten married and is trying to raise a family as Louis plans to go to collage. Louis and Ally face the hardships of having a family and the hardships of other attractions.


16. No Way

No Way

Anna's POV

There's no way I'm staying in my room for my birthday! I am fourteen years old not five! I look around and see my window. I look around to see if anyone was looking. I climb out the window and I go to my boyfriend's house. He's eighteen... We met online. I love him so so so much! I knock on his door. He opens it.

"Hi Jessie." I say smiling. He gets wide eyed and pulls me into the house and he kisses me. Yeah don't think it's nasty... I look older for my age, he thinks I'm sixteen. So I should be the ashamed one.

"I've missed you so much Anna." Jessie says. I smile.

"I missed you too baby." We start to what I like to call full-out make-out! He picks me up and carries me into his bedroom and throws me on the bed. He starts to take my shirt off but I stop him.

"Can't you get charged for sleeping with me?" I ask.

"'ll take the chance." He whispers. He starts kissing my neck but I stop him.

"We should do it." He whispers.

"No." He keeps kissing my neck, "I said no!" He covers my mouth and takes off my shirt.

I bite his hand, he moves his hand and starts kissing me as hard as he can. He takes off his shirt.

I bite his tongue but that didn't stop him. He just chuckled and started to unhook my bra. I hit him as much as I can but I start getting tired. Then I thought of it. I roll on top of him.

"Yeah baby." He whispers. He starts kissing my neck. I then knee him in the nuts. He stopped. I grab my shirt and run out of his room. He catches me and pulls me back by hair and throws me on the ground. He really hurts my shoulder. I hear someone open the door but that didn't stop Jessie... He covers my mouth and takes off my bra. Then my dad walked in. I was crying. My dad pulls him off and starts punching him.

"Dad stop he didn't know what he was doing!" I yell.

"Stop it Anna I know what I'm doing!" He pins down Jessie and calls the police. I put my bra and shirt back on.

When the police get there dad takes me into his car.

"Dad how did you know I was there."

"I tracked your phone."

"You tracked my phone! How dare you?" He looks at me.

"That man was going to rape you and you say he doesn't know what he was doing! He had your mouth covered! You were crying! He knew what he was doing!"

"Dad he thought I was sixteen!"

"But he was still eighteen! Which means he would get charged either way! You're under eighteen! In fact you're fourteen so he would get charged more! Why on earth would you go to his house in the first place!?"

"Because I love him." He pulls into our driveway.

"Dad you don't understand I love him!" He gets out of the car and he walks into the kitchen, "Daddy I love him he's not a bad guy!" Dad got in my face and I backed into a wall.

"How did you two meet?"

"Over snapchat."

"What kinda pictures were you two sending each other." I don't answer. He wipes the sweat off his face.

"Daddy I'm sorry."

"That man was wanted! He would find pretty young girls over the internet and would rape them did you know that!" I shake my head, "Of course not." My mom gets home with William and Lila.

"Uh oh Louis you're mad that's not good." Louis bites his lip.

"You know what I found Anna doing?" Ally looks at us confused.

"I'm afraid to ask what." Mom says.

"She sneaked out to meet up with some eighteen year-old man and he..." Dad walks over and he covered Lila's ears and mom covered William's ears, "He was about to rape her. I walked in on her crying and him covering her mouth as she's half naked on the floor. He was half naked also but it was just his shirt." Ally looks at us in shock.

"Oh dear god did the police come?"

"Yeah and get this, he's wanted for finding young girls over the internet and meeting up with them and raping them. And also this she was sending him sexy photos on her phone before this whole thing happened."

"Did he know you're just twelve today?" Mom asks

"No he thinks I'm sixteen." I answer.

"Well this is a lot to come home to... Give me you're phone." Dad takes it out of my back pocket and throws it on the counter.

"Now go to your room!" Dad yells.

Ally's POV

Gosh what a way to come home. I sit down. Louis sits behind me and starts kissing my neck then starts to unbutton my shirt. I turn around.

"Really Louis... Now?" Louis nods.

"I'm so stressed I saw my daughter with no shirt or bra on today. I thought that I would always enjoy a girl shirtless but not today!" Louis says.

"I feel bad for her. I was like that when I was her age."

"You met up with eighteen year-olds that you met over the internet." I shrug.

"Not exactly, but I had just as much attitude." I sigh and lay down. Louis starts running his fingers through my hair. I bite my lip a little thinking. Then Louis started kissing me.

I forgot how attractive Louis finds it when I bite my lip. I never understood that.

I don't kiss him back he stops, "Baby just kiss me. We don't have to do anything else unless you want to try to have another baby." I shake my head.

"Not unless you want to sleep with me while I'm on my period." Louis get's off of me.

"Nope. I don't think I'll want to again for a few weeks." I giggle and started kissing him.

"This is all over baby, the guy is in jail he pleaded guilty so no trial no questions. We can just go back to our normal lives." Louis says kissing my cheek.

"But Louis, no we can't. this will always affect me, like the whole thing with J-" I stop myself, I know he hates talking about Justin.

"Justin. I know. And your drinking problem... But we'll work through it." He kisses me. Once we start kissing the littlest bit harder he stops and starts to cuddle with me.

I'll just act like it never happened.

A/N Haha who knew this story could get more dramatic then it already was? :p

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