Love Is Why I Wake Up In The Morning *sequel to Love Is In My DNA**Completed*

*Sequel to Love Is In My DNA* Ally and Louis has just gotten married and is trying to raise a family as Louis plans to go to collage. Louis and Ally face the hardships of having a family and the hardships of other attractions.


10. Nine Months... Due Date Close :/

Nine Months... Due Date Close :/

Louis' POV

I sit there kissing Ally. Just kissing nothing more. She stops the kiss.

"How hard is to kiss me with my belly this big. It's three times bigger then how it was with Anna." I shrug.

"Sugar Plumb it's you, Everything is always amazing with you." She smiles.

"Boo Bear, I think the babies are coming..."

"But you're aren't due for another two weeks!" I say.

She kisses me, "They must be early comers." I pick her up and put her into the car.

When we get to the hospital she calls everyone telling them they babies are coming sooner then the doctors thought.

About three hours go by and they say she's ready to start pushing.

"Wait I didn't get any pain meds!" Ally yells.

"You are too far along just push!" The doctor yells. I grab Ally's hand. She squeezes it as hard as she can. Then soon, I saw her. Lila. They hand me Lila.

"We'll tell you when you can push for the next baby." I give Ally Lila but she gives her back.

About five minutes later. They tell her to push, soon after I saw my son. I almost cry. They hand him to me.

"Is this going to be Justin or William?" I ask.

"You pick." I look. He sneezes. This will be Justin.

About three minutes later they tell her to push one more time. Then soon after there was my other son, William.

We tell the doctors all their names. Then they put them in the nursery in the hospital. I walk over to the window and I spot Justin, Lila, and William. They have a machine on Justin. I saw a doctor walking by. I grab his arm.

"Why is there a machine on my son checking his heartbeat?"

"Sir I don't know." The doctor says.

"Can you find out?" I ask .

"Yeah I'll ask and get back to you on that."  I stand there waiting.

Soon he taps my shoulder.

"They found his heartbeat not normal and his breathing was very slow for a new born."

"Will he make it?" I ask tears filling my eyes. The doctor looked at Justin then me.

"From the looks of it, most likely not." Then he walked away. I go against a wall and slid down and start crying. I couldn't believe this. My first son most likely is going to die. I stand up up and wipe my tears. I walk into Ally's hospital room.

"Boo Bear are you okay?" Ally asks.

"It's Justin..." She looks up in fear.

"What about Justin?" I stand beside her and hug her. I start to cry into her shoulder.

"He's most likely not going to make it." I look at her. She lays there still. Her eyes wide open. She isn't crying, she has no expression at all. Just stillness.

Finally she opened her mouth to make words come out.

"Oh my gosh." She whispers she looks up at me, "You're lying." I shake my head.

"Yes you are. They told us when they were born they were all healthy."

"I'm not lying."

"Stop it! He's okay we are all okay!"

"But he's not okay." She starts crying.

"Yes he is! He has to be! He was our first son! He okay!" I start to cry with her.

"No he's not."

"Yes he is! He's okay." I hug her. She needs it. She cries into my shoulder, "He's okay. He's 100% okay!"

The doctor walks in with two babies.

"Sir, mam, your third child had heart problems. He didn't make it." Another doctor comes in holding Justin.

"You can hold him one last time." She nods and holds him. She tries to hand him to me, I shake my head. The doctor takes Justin and walks out with him.

"He's dead, my baby is dead." Our family and friends came in all happy. I pull them all out of the room. Ally starts to cry. Anna walks up to me.

"Daddy why were you and mommy crying."

"Well, guys. One of the three had a heart problem, they tried their hardest." Oh god how do I still have tears, "Justin, the second baby to be born. Our first son in the real world, didn't ma-" I ran off into the restroom and went against the wall slid down slowly and started crying harder then ever.

One of my high school friends walked in. He put his hand on my shoulder.

"It'll be okay, you guys have two others." I look at him with anger in my eyes.

"How dare you tell me that it'll be okay! That was my son! You wouldn't understand you don't have kids, but the moment that you hold the baby for the first time, is an instant bond. He was my first ever son! And he's dead!" I stand up and wipe my eyes, "I have to see how Ally's holding up." I stand up and run into her hospital room, she was asleep." I lay beside her and kiss her forehead.

Then Anna squeezed between us. then the doctors put the other two babies beside us in a little bed. Anna looks at me. I'm still crying a little.

"Daddy it'll be okay." She says kissing my forehead. I grab her and pull her into a hug.

"Never ever leave me darling." She smiles.

"I won't." Then I fell asleep. Soon Anna fell asleep.

Soon Ally woke up and looked at us. She pulled Anna into a hug also and started to cry. She cried until she fell asleep again.

I'm so tired of crying.

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