Love Is Why I Wake Up In The Morning *sequel to Love Is In My DNA**Completed*

*Sequel to Love Is In My DNA* Ally and Louis has just gotten married and is trying to raise a family as Louis plans to go to collage. Louis and Ally face the hardships of having a family and the hardships of other attractions.


12. Love <3

Love <3

Louis' POV

I'm kissing Ally.

"Hey Louis." She whispers.

"Yeah babe." I whisper then I start kissing her neck. I give her lovebites.

"Do you really not want anymore kids?" I lay down on her and keep kissing her.

"Yeah, why?" I whisper.

She sits up. I sit behind her. Still kissing her neck waiting for her to stop talking so I can kiss her mouth.

"What if I want more...?" I stop. She turns around.

"Um, well I don't want more... Ever." She lays down and pulls me on top of her. I take off my shirt and we keep kissing.

"Why don't you ever want more?" Okay I'm guess we aren't sleeping together tonight.

"Ugh." I stand up and go ahead and put my shirt back on, "Because I don't want a repeat of Justin." I sit back down.

"Why did you stop?"

"Because I'm doing all the work you're just talking. I got bored of giving you lovebites waiting for you to stop talking." She bites her lip and sits behind me. She gives me some love bites and she takes off my shirt.

"Babe I-I'm not in the mood anymore. I just want to sleep." i put my shirt back on and lay down and turn off the lamp. She turns to me and kisses me.

"I kinda want more kids Louis." I roll my eyes.

"Well I don't. Not after Justin! Why don't you just respect that I don't want to have to worry for nine months that my baby will die. I'm already worry eighteen years for our newest babies. Anna I'm not at as worried about." I grab a blanket and pillow.

"What are you doing Lou?"

"I'm sleeping on the couch, I can tell you are going to keep bringing this up." I start to walk out.

"Louis no, I'm sorry come back to bed."I lay back down beside her. She kisses the back of my head.

"I love you Louis."

"Yeah I love you to." She smiles and I put my arm around her.

"Louis I have an idea! Let's get a puppy."

"Anna is allergic to dogs."

"Oh yeah... How about a cat."

"I don't want a cat. You want one, go see Harry's cat Dusty."

"I thought it was Molly." I look at her.

"No one knows. Can I go to sleep."

"No." She starts kissing me. I roll onto her. She takes off my shirt. She rolls on top of me and takes her shirt off. I started to unhook her bra then Anna started opening the door. She rolled off of me

"Hey sweetie." I say. Ally goes under the blanket and puts her shirt on.

"Daddy I had a nightmare." Anna went to stand up and then she noticed she didn't have pants on.

"Babe I'm just in my panties."

"You've got a shirt."


"I just have my underwear on."

"So you have a shirt on." Ally says.

"No I don't. I took it off. Anna you'll be okay go back to bed." She nods and walks back into her bedroom.

"So I'm guessing I'm not getting some tonight." I say.

"Babe I want to but I think we can we keep having to stop." I nod. She lays down. I put my arm around her. She turns so our noses are touching.

"I love you." I whisper.

"I love you more." Ally whispers with a smile.

"No I love you more." I say.

"Not true I love you way more." Ally says.

"Nope I have to love you more. It's just a fact." I kiss her nose.

She moves her head up and kisses me. I run my fingers through her smooth hair. Then we try again.

Again I take off my shirt she takes off hers then the baby started crying, making the other one cry then Anna walks in.

"Mommy, daddy they're crying and I can't sleep!" Anna yells.

"Well I'm trying to sleep with your father but that isn't working."

"Get them to stop crying!" Anna stomps out. I look down to Ally. I'm still just in my underwear and she's still in just her bra and underwear, and I'm still on top of her.

"You told our daughter you're trying to sleep with me." They stop crying.

"Yeah she doesn't know what that means though." She smiles and bites her lip.

"You know how sexy I think it is when you bite your lip." I start kissing her.

Finally we got to sleep together. I didn't think it was going to happen.

The next day

I wake up and I see Ally. I kiss her forehead. She opens her eyes.

"Hey sweetie." She bites her lip.

"Hey Boo Bear." She rolls onto me.

"Hey baby wanna go to band practice with me." She nods and kisses me.

"I would love to."

"We are recording a song called Best Song Ever." She smiles.

"I'm sure it's the best song ever." I roll onto her she screams in a exciting playful kinda way, We start laughing. I kiss her.

"Nice word play." She bites her lip in a flirty way.

"God you know I have to kiss you when you bite your lip. It's too sexy!" I start making out with her. I roll off of her.

"We can't your still not on the pill and we used the last condom last night."

"It's okay babe let's take our chances." She started kissing me.

"No I know you want more kids but I don't." I stand up and put on some pants and a shirt. She stands up and puts on her cutest shirt that she knows I have always slept with her when she wore it because it makes her look so beautiful. She gabs a pair of the skinniest jeans she owns and she put them on.

"How do I look?" she asks biting her lip.

"Sexy." I kiss her.

She puts on her makeup and her flavored lip gloss that I love the taste of.

"Are you trying to seduce me? I'll sleep with you tonight if you want it that bad."

"What are you talking about?" She walks past me and I smack her butt.

"Either you are trying to sleep with me or one of my band members. I've seen Niall giving you googly eyes since he first saw you. She laughs and kisses me. I notice something.

"Did you take off your bra before you put that shirt on?"

"Yeah." She bites her lip. Dang I find her lip biting thing so sexy! I kiss her. She pushes me onto the bed and starts to take off my shirt but I stop her.

"No." I stand up and throw her a bra.

"Put this on." She sighs and puts it on.

"Happy?" She asks.

"Very." I put my arm around her waist. I grab Lila and William and I wait for Anna's babysitter to get here. I see her car pull in. She see's Ally.

"Ally, Louis. Um Ally are you going to a club?" I shake my head.

"The reason why she is dressed like a ho is because she wants me to get her pregnant." I say.

"Oh makes sense. I could smell she was wearing your favorite perfume."

"She's wearing my favorite everything. I'm going to band practice in the recording station."

"That's good. Wearing that Ally, I bet you can get Zayn to get you pregnant." I chuckle. Ally shrugs.

"Well good luck she's been a drama queen lately." I tell her.

"I will try my hardest Louis. Bye Louis and Ally." We wave goodbye.

"Does Zayn have a girlfriend."

"Yeah she is a singer." She nods.

When we get to where they are recording Harry walks out.

"Damn is that Ally?" I nod.

"Yes this is my hot piece of ass. And this is Lila and William." I hand Harry Lila.

"I can't tell them apart." Harry says.

"I can. Lila has a little dimples when she smiles and William has dimples but he also has one on his chin." Ally says. Harry looks.

"I see it." Niall comes out with a beer in his hand. I can see Ally staring at the beer.

"Hey Ally. Awe are those the the little ones." She nods slowly not taking her eyes off the beer.

"Can I hold one." She hands him William. He hands Ally his beer.

"Can you hold this. You can take a drink if you want." She's trying to stop drinking. She opens her mouth and right before she takes a drink I grab it.

"Ally share." I say. I take a drink. I hate beer. I hate it's taste I hate everything about it.

She takes a deep breath, Harry grabs the beer and takes a drink and hands it to Ally. She went to take a drink as fast as she could before I stopped her but I did. I grabbed it and dropped it on purpose.

"Oops sorry Niall." I say.

"It's okay, I brought more. Ally do you want one." Zayn says bringing out more beer.

"Yes I do." She grabs one and opens it. I take it from her. I hand it to Zayn.

"Here Zayn you have this one."

"Louis I don't want to stop drinking anymore. I just want one more beer! One more! Or two!" She went to grab one but Zayn pulled it away and Harry, Niall, and I hold her back.

"I'll go put these away." Zayn says.

"Where's the babies?" She asks.

"We put them in the carriers Ally it's okay." Harry says. Liam, Katie, and Zayn walk back out.

"Let's start recording." I say Katie walks over to Ally and whispers something into her ear. Ally nods.

"We're going to go get something to eat. Um Nandos." Ally says.

"Yes!" Niall yells.

"Bye Louis I love you." I give him a kiss. He goes to pull away but I pull him back and kiss him with even more passion then the first time. By the time we stop kissing the boys and wide-eyed and their mouths are hanging open.

"Katie won't even kiss me like that in public. What am I saying not even in the bedroom." Katie smacks him upside the head then gives him a short but sweet kiss.

"I can see how you two are twenty one and you've knocked her up twice!" Zayn says.

"I haven't been kissed like that since Taylor Swift!" Harry says.

"I was kissed like that last night." Niall says taking a bite of a hotdog.

"Where did you get that hotdog from." I ask. Simon comes out of the building.

"Niall did you take my hotdog." Niall shoves it in his mouth and turns to Simon.

"No." He says with his mouth full.

Simon rolls his eyes, "Guys we have to start recording. So let's go." We all walk inside and Ally leaves with Katie, Lila, and William.

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