Love Is Why I Wake Up In The Morning *sequel to Love Is In My DNA**Completed*

*Sequel to Love Is In My DNA* Ally and Louis has just gotten married and is trying to raise a family as Louis plans to go to collage. Louis and Ally face the hardships of having a family and the hardships of other attractions.


5. Louis' Home... Yay...

Louis' Home... Yay...

Ally's POV

I wake up with Louis and Anna sitting beside me.

"Hi Louis." I say smiling.

"You're so stupid." Louis says.

"I know." I say sitting up slowly.

"Why would you do something with Beth... She's dumb." I nod.

"I know." He chuckled.

"I wanted to come home, but not like this." I chuckle. He walked over and gives me a kiss.

"They caught him. He was dating Lindsey before she killed herself."

"Lindsey. How could I ever forget what she did to us?" Louis lays down beside me.

"Yeah it's kinda hard to forget something like that and someone like Lindsey."

"Remember when we'd go to school and you'd do nothing but make fun of me." We hold hands. He kisses my hand.

"Yes I do. Remember when you made-out with Lindsey in front of me because I was making fun of you for dating her."

"Yeah. Remember when we invited Kat to live with us."

"We were so drunk. Then you threw up on our baby for the baby project."

"Oh my gosh we were terrible parents to that baby. You kept ripping off it's body parts!"

"To show you the baby wasn't real." Louis said fixing his hair.

"Remember the day I told you I was having Anna."

"Remember what I named our baby for the baby project."


"Did I ever tell you I wanted to name it Allison... For you."

I kiss him, "I wanted to name him Tim... Did you know our baby was a boy." He blushes.

"Yeah that's why I suggest Louis The Second. Wait if it was a boy then why did we name it Jamie."

"That can be a boys name."

"No it can't."

"Mommy I have to go potty."

"Daddy will take you." Louis says grabbing her hand and bringing her into the bathroom. Louis walks out with Anna.

"Mommy why are we here and not home?" Anna asked getting onto my lap.

"Someone was mean to mommy and she wants to stay the night here as she gets better."

"Did he give you that big booboo." She said pointing at where I got stabbed.

"Yes." She turned to Louis.

"Daddy I'm scared." Louis picked her up and gave her a kiss.

"They got the mean man." Louis winks at me. Anna tries to wink. She looks just like Louis. She acts like him to.

"Anna we have to get you to bed." Harry picked her up.

"What about mommy?" The doctor walked up to Louis.

"I have to talk to your wife really fast." Louis walked out with Anna.

"Ally, you have a very cute daughter." I nod.

"Thanks. Is that all?"

"No, Ally your daughter is confused. Why would a man hurt mommy? Why is mommy in the hospital? Why can't mommy go home? Try your hardest to keep her from getting worried. If she's worried at such a young age it could make it harder to explain it to her." The doctor said

"My husband and I talked about it. We will explain it to her when she's five. Explain all that happens. Kidnapping, murder, stabbings, shootings, and self harm. We talked about it a few weeks before he left."

"I understand. Are you, into the other sex?"

"What kinda question is that?" I said getting defective.

"Anna, you were at a lesbian club with all lesbians and lesbian strippers."

"Yes I'm bisexual. I have been for a long time. Louis knows."

"So you support gay marriage?"


"So you guys won't raise a Christian daughter?" I'm getting sick.

"We will. Just because we do- You are my doctor." He nods.

"I just worry for your family, you guys are all so young to have a kid and to be married."

"Don't judge me. Now when can I go home?"

"Tomorrow morning."

"Now please leave." I start to cry.

He leaves.

Louis walks in to see me crying.

He runs over to me.

"What the hell did he say to you?" Louis asks.

"The truth. Which is what I needed to hear.  Louis, we're too young for all this." Louis kisses me.

"Please don't. Don't say what I think you are going to say." I nod.

"Okay then I won't. I can go home tomorrow morning. Can you pick me up then?"


Then Louis walks out. Anna walks over to me and kisses my head like Louis kisses hers.

"I love you baby girl." I smile and chuckle.

"And I love you sweetie." She runs out into Louis' arms. He walks out. I stand up and look in the mirror. Good god I don't have makeup on. Louis saw me without makeup. That must've scared him. I laid back down and fall asleep.

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