Love Is Why I Wake Up In The Morning *sequel to Love Is In My DNA**Completed*

*Sequel to Love Is In My DNA* Ally and Louis has just gotten married and is trying to raise a family as Louis plans to go to collage. Louis and Ally face the hardships of having a family and the hardships of other attractions.


6. I Love You...

I Love You...

Louis' POV

I have Anna on my lap, two and a half... Wow. I brush her hair.

"Want me to braid your hair or do you want pig tails." I ask.

"Braid." I nod.

"Okay." I start to braid her hair. Ally walks in with just her rope and slippers on.

She yawns.

"You don't have to do her hair, you could've woken me up and I would've." She starts to make some eggs.

"No it's fine I wanted to." Ally walks over and gives me a kiss.

"What kinda eggs do you want?"

"Scrambled." I say lifting Anna off my lap.

"I want scrambled like daddy." She nods and starts to make them. She walks outside.

I follow her and give her a hug from behind. Then I smelled smoke I look up. She's smoking.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"Smoking." She says.

I take it out of her hand and step on it.

"Where are your other ones?"

"I'm freaking 21 years old if I want to smoke I can smoke."

"Then I'm not sleeping with you. And remember how amazing last night was? It was the best we've ever had."

"Yeah well you are always the one who suggests it so you're going to give out  before I do. I give it an hour." She says.

"Nope I'm not sleeping with you."

"Well all you've been trying to do is get me to have another kid so I don't care."

"Where are your other cigarettes." She pulls them out and hands them to me.

"Since you don't want to sleep with me so much then we aren't going to for a month, because you're making me quit." Then she walked in the house and slammed the door.

A month... I can't go a month I can barely go a week!

I walk inside.

She makes herself me and Anna a plate of eggs and bacon.

"How come I don't get bacon?" I say looking at my plate of nothing but eggs.

"Because you made me stop smoking."

I cover up Anna's ears.

"Why are you not having sex with me for a month?"

"Because I don't want to have sex."

"Well I do. I want to now."

"Well our daughter is eating so no."

"What about tonight?"

"Our daughter will be sleeping so no."

"What about an hour from now."

"Our daughter will be watching Dora so no."

"So never."

"Not for a month."

"God you're so hot when you take control." I uncover Anna's ears.

"Mommy why did daddy not let me hear what you guys were talking about."

"He was talking about bad stuff that you are too young to know about." Ally finishes eating and walks over to the sink and puts her plate in it.

"You are doing the dishes!" Ally yells walking into the living room.

"How about I do you instead." She pokes her head in the kitchen.

"How about not for two months."

"Two what happened to just one?"

"I changed my mind!" She yells turning on the TV.

"What are you and mommy fighting about." I roll my eyes.

"Mommy won't let daddy kiss her."

"Oh so we aren't kissing either? Well I guess if that's what you want!" Ally yells. I start to walk into our bedroom and I punch a wall as I walk into our room.

"I love you Louis!" Ally yells.

"Yeah, I love you too." I turn on the TV in our room and close the door.

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