Love Is Why I Wake Up In The Morning *sequel to Love Is In My DNA**Completed*

*Sequel to Love Is In My DNA* Ally and Louis has just gotten married and is trying to raise a family as Louis plans to go to collage. Louis and Ally face the hardships of having a family and the hardships of other attractions.


3. I Love You, Just Don't Leave

I Love You, Just Don't Leave

Ally's POV

I hold Anna as Louis leave to go to collage.

"Baby, please don't leave." Anna was one now. (A/N I know my stories move quick. But it's only because I don't want to go day by day or week by week. Also what happens is big once the baby is four. Shhh not telling more ;D) Anna looks up. I set her down. She just learned how to walk. She walks up to Louis struggling a bit. He will have to leave for a few months because he wants to go to his dream collage in England. He picks her up and cries a little.

"Daddy no go." Louis smiles. Her first word was daddy. Her first words were 'Daddy no go'. How cute. She took her first steps to him to.

"Sweetie I have to go. So mommy and daddy can pay for the food you like."

She shakes her head and repeats,"Daddy no go." He kisses her head and gives her to me. I set her down and give Louis a hug.

"Please don't leave baby."

"I don't want to but if I don't soon we'll be on the streets.

"I love you." I whisper.

"I love you." He kisses me.

"Say goodbye to daddy." I say. She waves.

Then Louis walks onto the plane. I cry and Anna crawls up to me and hugs me. I pick her up.

"Daddy will be home soon. Now you can have time with mommy."

"Daddy no go." I chuckle.

"That's just your favorite thing to say huh?" I give her a kiss.

Then terror happened.

I bring her home and she starts to pick mess with her toys then she makes a mess. She brakes the lamp. She starts jumping around.

"Daddy no go! Daddy no go!" She starts chanting. I pick her up and set her on the couch and I turn on Elmo. She starts watching it then starts crying and pointing at Elmo saying, "Scary! Scary!" I turn it to Dora and she stopped.

Then she started looking through my dresser. She pulled out a bra and put it on her head like a hat. I take it off of her and put her in time out. She cries and cries.

"How does Louis do this!?" I pick up some of her stuff and then she starts crying. She needs a diaper change. I change her diaper and she keeps crying. I feed her and she keeps crying. Then I put her down for a nap and she fell to sleep.

I look at the T.V and look at Elmo, "Yeah I guess he's kinda scary." Then I turn it off

A/N Fun fact: The reason I used Elmo as the scary one is that I am so scared of Elmo like no joke. I think he is just about the scariest thing ever. XD


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