Love Is Why I Wake Up In The Morning *sequel to Love Is In My DNA**Completed*

*Sequel to Love Is In My DNA* Ally and Louis has just gotten married and is trying to raise a family as Louis plans to go to collage. Louis and Ally face the hardships of having a family and the hardships of other attractions.


18. Babies!


Louis' POV

I wake up. I go to cuddle with Ally. I don't feel like opening my eyes. I move to her. She must've moved in her sleep. I move more to her side of the bed. I move so much to her side of the bed I fall off the end. I should've opened my eyes. I stand up fast. She left a note.

Hey babe. Left to get some stuff for the baby. I know early but today is ten weeks! First ultra sound! So get your butt up and get dressed if you want to see your baby.


Ally <3

I go to my dresser and get dressed. I look in the mirror. I look outside.

"Crap!" I sit on the ground. Paparazzi! I pull out my phone.

"Ally you can not come home." I say. She walks in.

"Too late. They saw the baby bump." I punch the wall.

"Well let's go." She kisses me.

"Ouch! Lou you didn't shave." I shrug. We walk outside.

"Louis is Sue from Teen News Magazine is your wife having another baby?" A reporter said putting a microphone in my face.

"Louis are you having more kids?" Another asks.

"Are they going to be twins?" A man asks.

"Louis are you aware people are now trending #KillAllysBaby and #AllyIsACheater also #AllyNeedsToComeOutOfTheCloset along with a video of a hooker named Katherina hooking up with Ally?" I look at Ally. I pick Ally up and run through the paparazzi. We get to the car and she looks at me.

"Kat's back... Why?" I shrug.

"Let's just go see our baby."

"Okay." Ally said kissing me really fast. Anna walks outside. She loves the paparazzi for some reason...

We get to the doctors office.

"Please tell me we only have one!" Ally says.

"You guy only have one." I kiss Ally's hand.

"Is there anything wrong with my baby?" I whisper. He shakes his head.

"It looks perfect." The doctor says. He tells us we can leave when we do, paparazzi.

"Is she really pregnant!?" I grab the girls microphone.

"My Ally is having another one of my babies. She is openly bisexual, when she slept with Katherina we were dating she did cheat, but it was before our kids, she was drunk. It was before we were married." I throw the microphone on the ground and walks away.

"Is all that you just said true? Is she really having another kid?" I bend over and kiss the bottom of her belly, "Yes."

"And is it true that you guys were supposed to have triplets and one died?" My eyes still water hearing about Justin. Ally realizes I'm about to cry, Ally pushes the girl away. I sit in the car and cry with Ally.

"We can't do this Louis, maybe we should get an ab-"

"No we worked too hard on this baby." I wipe my eyes and I drive home. The next day I look at the most famous teen gossip websites.

Louis cries when asked about dead baby... Is the baby really dead? Or adopted. One headline reads.

Ally is openly bisexual!? Another one reads.

Another baby!? Or just a scam set up by Simon?? One says.

Louis caught crying after a doctors appointment with his wife about their newest baby, does he hate his kids?  I slam my laptop closed.

I shouldn't have talked to them...

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