Love Is Why I Wake Up In The Morning *sequel to Love Is In My DNA**Completed*

*Sequel to Love Is In My DNA* Ally and Louis has just gotten married and is trying to raise a family as Louis plans to go to collage. Louis and Ally face the hardships of having a family and the hardships of other attractions.


7. Anna Is Three!

Anna Is Three!

A/N Okay I know this is moving along fast but I want something to happen in this book when she is four almost five so it most likely will move this fast until she is four almost five and I get to write what I want to write. Okay? Okay :)

Louis' POV

Wow she's three, soon she'll be six and soon she'll be sixteen and driving away to meet up with some boyfriend then she'll be eighteen and leaving us!

Ally's POV

Wow she's three. Oh god Louis got that look he's going to ask for more kids... I am not going through labor again.

Louis' POV

I want more kids. Maybe I should ask.

Ally's POV

Oh gosh he's got that grin. He's thinking about babies. Now he's walking over here.

"Hey sweetie." I say. He kisses me.

"Hey baby. Speaking of babies," Here we go... "We should really have another I mean like she's three now. She's soon going to want a little brother or sister she can look after."

"Okay Boo Bear... I was the oldest in my house and I hated being the oldest... It really sucks."

"But Sugar Plumb, I really want one."

"Well Boo Bear I don't want to go through the pain of child birth once again."

"What if we adopt?"

"I have never wanted kids in the first place! I love Anna but I never wanted kids. Remember the day after I conceived Anna?"

"Oh that was funny you were all like, Louis we are never having sex. Then you had a few drinks and we woke up in a hotel room and you woke me up screaming and then you said, Louis we had sex! And I looked under the covers and, you just had to be there."

"I was there Louis!"

"Oh yeah you were."

"Yeah I freaked out then you told me I wasn't pregnant! Gosh I swear so much drama happens in my life it could be a book."

"Oh then you slept with Kat! Awesome! Well you know not at the time and then soon after she tried to sleep with me, but it's awesome now!" I roll my eyes.

"You never grow up do you?" He picked up Anna.

"Look at her and tell me you don't want another beautiful baby. Besides this time it would be a boy."

"No more kids!" I make myself a glass of wine.

"I thought you were going to stop drinking."

"I thought you would support it. That's how we got Anna. A baby." Louis grabs a big tall glass and fills it with wine.

"Okay just keep drinking until the whole bottle gone. When it's gone I will be waiting in the bedroom naked. You come in and do your stuff okay! Let's do this." Louis claps his hands and starts to run into the bedroom. I walk in and he's taking off his pants.

"Oh god Louis it's Anna's birthday put your pants back on! I thought you were kidding."

"I would never kid about a baby."

"Why do you want one so bad?" Louis sits down on the bed.

"I was an only child. I alw-"

"You have five sisters." I say.

"Shhh. They were always dead to me. Anyways, I always wanted a brother or a sister to look after."

"Louis you're acting the way you did three years ago!"

"Yeah." He stands up and gets close to me, "You always find me most sexy like that."

"Boo Bear you never pulled up your pants. Pull them up before I make it so you can't have more kids." He pulls up his pants fast.

"You're still a bitch like you were three years ago."

"The only time you like me is when I'm naked or if I'm drunk or if I'm making out with you. We aren't in highschool anymore Lou. We are married and we have a kid. It's time for you to grow up." I put my hand on Louis' shoulder.

Louis' POV

How dare she tell me how I should and shouldn't act. I ripped a plastic baby's head off for her! Gosh she doesn't give me enough love. I should leave her. But what kinda girl would want to date a dad that wants more kids asap.

She is cute though, eh I'll keep her around.

Anna's party is about to start. I run out of the bedroom. I sit on the couch beside Ally. I take my shirt off.

"Is it hot in here or is it just you." Ally looks over and tries her hardest not to smile, but she's bad at it.

"I really do love you, and I'll wait until you want kids." She kisses me.

"Thank you. But I will never want kids so stop waiting." She starts cuddling. How could she not want more babies. They are so cute! I never wanted kids until I first saw Anna. She was just as beautiful as Ally.

It's tine to make my move.

Anna is off with her grandma so we have the house all to ourselves.

"This is romantic huh?" Ally looks around.

"You have one candle lit and we're watching sixteen and pregnant."

"Well I think music will help." I turn on the radio and the most romantic song I know starts playing... Get Lucky by Draft Punk.

Ally giggles.

"This isn't romantic." She says through her giggles. I lay down and pull her down.

"Isn't this amazing just you and me and the stars!"

"It's 12:30 in the afternoon."

"Our imaginary stars. Plus sparks will fly everywhere once I do this." I pull her down and start kissing her. I roll on top of her. I start to unbutton her shirt. She stops me.

"What are you doing?"

"Making love baby."

"Do you have protection. I'm currently not on the pill."

"We can just take our chances." I go to kiss her but she pushes me off.

"I told you no kids. None. Not one more. And not one more word about having more kids unless I bring up that I want more."

"You'll never want more! Never! Not in a thousand years! Not even if the world depended on it!"

"I never wanted any. Now let's go to our daughter's birthday party." I stand in front of the door.

"You aren't going anywhere until you let me put a baby in you." I say.

"I'll just go out the back door." She starts to walk to it but I grab her  and pull her to me. I start to kiss her neck.

"Boo Bear."

"Yeah." I say while I'm kissing her neck.

"As hot as I think this is that you're taking control and how turned on I am, we have to go to our daughters birthday party." Yeah she was turned on by the old Boo Bear.

"Anything Sugar Plumb." I say as we walk out and I smack her butt. One of the neighbors looked at me in disgust when I slapped her but.

"We're married! It's almost been three years it's okay!" Wow we have almost been married for three years. I've been married to the lesbian freak, as I use to say, for almost three years.

Ally's POV

Three years. I've almost been married to the biggest jerk for three years. Eh he's cool.

Louis' POV

I can't believe I'm married.

Ally's POV

Wait... Three years, god I'm getting old.

Louis' POV

"I'll drive." She gets in the passenger seat.

"So almost three years... You know what would be a good three year anniversary gift?"

"I'm not getting pregnant on our third year of being married."

"I was going to say a iPhone! You are always assuming things." Okay so the answer was a baby.

She is carrying another Tomlinson in that stomach one way or another.

A/N Okay I don't know about you but this was my favorite chapter. We got the really silly Louis from the first book in the second one :) I hope you liked it, I liked writing it for you. I love it when I have so much fun writing for you guys :) <3 I love you guys and I have no idea where I would be without you... Oh yeah... Sleeping it's currently 2:54 A.M where I live so byeeee :) <3

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