1. The Horse Club, 1. Danny + Niamh

Danielle Vegas is a true horsey girl with a love for all horses, even wild ones.When she enters the show of her dreams, Old Buckley Annual Festival, and befriends a rider called Niamh, What will the 2 riders embark on their journey?


2. The Show

I woke up with a sick feeling of nerves in my stomach. There would be thousands of spectators at this particular show. As I raced down to the yard I stubbed my toe on a tree root. I quickly shook the feeling and continued racing through the forest. I was so relieved when I finally managed to open the rustic barn doors. All the horses were awake and kicking the doors for their food. Several riders were busy trying to keep their excited horses in control as they were already slipping on their travel rugs. I smiled to myself then because I had done that the night before also sparing me to brush them down. I quickly went into Lucky's stables and put on her travel boots doing the same thing with Rene and Juliet. As I lead all three at the same time down to the car park I saw riders who had seen me arrive minutes before beating them already even though they had been down for hours on end gawping like a gold fish. As I lead all three of them into the 4 stall horse truck I stood back like i always did and thought about the day ahead while at the same time marvelling over the fabulous horse truck.

I quickly jumped into the front cabin and my mum Alyssa drove off.

" How were they to load this time honey?" She said a bit rushed as she was concentrating hard on the road ahead.

"They were fine like they always are Mum! Stop worrying!" I replied.

We didn't talk much after that like we always do. It wasn't a uncomfortable silence though. I turned on my IPod and was listening to Pompeii when we finally arrived at the show grounds. I leaped out of the cab like I always do. I quickly unlocked the ramp and slipped the bolt on the first stall to let Lucky out. She stepped out like a posh show pony not like the piebald cob she is. Although the way I treat her like a total princess she might as well act like it. The Show jumping was first and it was in 1 hour! I quickly unloaded both my other horses and tacked up rene after giving him a full brush down making him look like a hunter horse, imaculate and really shiny! I quickly tacked up and started my warm up. I always walk or 4 laps and trot for 4 laps then canter for 4 laps then take the jump 4 times over and over again. before long it had been an hour and she was ready to go in the arena. I had to wait 4 minutes exactly before I was allowed in as I thought. I was wrong. " Can Danielle Vegas please come into the arena please?" The announcer said. OMG! I was supposed to go in right now or I would be eliminated! I cantered all the way there and waited for the bell. I had walked the course earlier that day and I knew there was a treble and an Oxer. I had done this high before but they had a way to make it more nasty looking then it should be if you know what I mean. I cantered through the flags at the first sound of the bell and aimed straight at the first fence, a little Show Jumping style Trakehner. I flew over it with ease and headed for the bi black and green Oxer. As I flew over that I felt a surge of adrenalin and powered through the rest of the round. Before I knew it I was cantering flat out at the treble. I flew over the first fence and had to check her hard as she was rushing. He was fine after that and it still hadn't settled in even after we had come out of the arena and I had dismounted that I had just had a clear. I hopped into the horse truck and put her tack on the rack I quickly switched to my hard core cross country tack. 


I was circling round the starting box waiting for my bell to ring. I looked down to the cross country steward and he asked if I was ready. I of course said yes and then all I could hear was him speaking on his Walkie Talkie and then saying 3 2 1 GO! and I was off like a bullet. A million things were racing through my head as i was powering towards the first jump. I wasn't ready! I tried pulling Lucky up but it failed miserably and i then realized we were on the wrong stride. Lucky thankfully seemed to notice this also and as i thought she was going to pull up she actually went faster! At first I was totally shocked but 3 strides until the fence I realized she had already jumped it and we were galloping flat out towards the next jump. We soared over that and did almost the same with every single jump on the course. As we rounded the corner to jump 15, The water Jump, she was stronger and faster then ever. As she galloped down hard on the fence I noticed Lucky slipping a bit so i tried pulling her back a bit.she refused and proceeded to jump. She jumped the log into the water expertly and jumped the brush like a seasoned professional. As we cantered towards the massive log jump we were still full of running as she powered over the log jump but i felt like she had jumped to short and suddenly my head was hitting the log then the water of the pond and suddenly i felt a even bigger object crashing down beside me. That object was a Piebald mare. That object was Lucky.

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