1. The Horse Club, 1. Danny + Niamh

Danielle Vegas is a true horsey girl with a love for all horses, even wild ones.When she enters the show of her dreams, Old Buckley Annual Festival, and befriends a rider called Niamh, What will the 2 riders embark on their journey?


1. The Barn

As I walked through the barn doors all I could smell was the gorgeous smell of horse sweat, fresh hay, and wet saddle soap. I passed beautiful, stunning, spirited and hopeful looking horses all either bright chestnuts or dark mahogany bays with the occasional piebald here and there. Some people would have been puzzled when I passed them with out a second glance. But I had no real interest in them all I had interest for was my 3 horses called Juliet, Renegade and Lucky. The first person on my list was Lucky as she hadn't been out for a run in ages. I quickly found her stable and went in. "Lucky! Here girl!" I said as I walked in. She came out of her pen that was connected to her stable. She whinnied to me contently before shoving her muzzle right into the noseband of the halter. I taught her that trick over a year ago now.  As I buckled up the strap I made her stand still while I took a step back to admire my beautiful mare.


Her beautiful patches shone in the summer sun, her mane and tail flowing in the slightest breeze.

The big show was tomorrow and I was planning to take Lucky for the Cross Country and Rene for the show jumping and Juliet for the experience. It was already 8 'o'clock and she needed to groom them and put their rugs on for the night ready for the early start in the morning. As I slipped on Lucky's Alder rug I saw why I fell in love with her so many years ago. I slipped out of her stall and crossed across the isle to Rene's stall. Renegade was my Bright palomino Hanoverian.


He has a Cyan rug and I slipped it on him careful not to upset the fiery stallion. I didn't really want to leave him but I knew Juliet needed me. I walked all the way down the isle to stall 62, the last stall. Juliet poked her pretty cherry bay head out and looked at me as if I was stupid or some thing. I patted her pretty black muzzle. " Hey girl, how ya doing?" She neighed so loud I had to hush her as it was late. I slipped into her stall and I pulled on her heavy Pink rug. As I was walking out the door I felt like I was being watched and I quickly turned around to see all 62 horses in the barn bearing their eyes into my back. I smiled to myself and turned back around to shut the barn doors.

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