1 fish, 2 fish, Red fish, Dead fish

I can never keep with just one story, so I'm just going to stick with short story's. This is going to be a book with just a bunch of different short story's. Some might be happy and fun, other might be sad and depressing. There is no genre for the story's. So just sit back, or lean forward, and read. Do not complain about how you can't keep up...


1. My Dream

I am walking through a wooded area with a boy. He grabs my arm and turns me towards him. He says something I can't understand. I hear someone yelling. I turn around and see a river with a man running through it. In the dream, I feel like he is my brother, but he doesn't look like any of the brothers I have. 

I turn around to say something to the boy, but he is not there. I hear the man yell again. He has his arm stretched out towards a lady who is on the other side of the river. She is standing over a waterfall under a bridge with a gun in her hand. I jump into the river and start to swim after her. She brings the gun to her head. Just when I'm about to grab her, the dream changes.

This time, I'm the girl with the gun pointed at my head. Just when I'm about to pull the trigger, I wake up. What does this mean?

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