why my life

when Danielle discovers he supernatural power, life and friends, she has no choice but to accept it for she is royalty, and many unearthly creatures want her powerful soul


1. high school

today is my first day of high school, I just moved from Arizona, to south Carolina, extremely big difference, this town is so clean, not even one piece of trash is on the ground in the whole town, and there are so many trees, and the beach, how could it get any better oh yeah, it would be a miracle if I made any friends today

"Danielle get up" dad yells through the door, "im going to work, don't miss the bus, love you" I don't respond, he knows im up, he just walks away, I hear him pull out of the driveway and go to his new job, I roll off of the bed and hit the floor with a thud, I groan in pain and get to my feet, I put my glasses on to see clearer, they are big, and black, I put my hair in my normal ponytail and get dressed, I get in white skinny jeans, a half purple shirt, and a black undershirt, I dread make-up, so that's out of the question, I lazily walk downstairs to our new kitchen, I have no idea where anything is so I just get my coffee and sit at the table

"my heart's a stereo, it beats for you so listen close" my phone rings, I pick it up

"hello" I say taking a sip of my coffee

"I want you to meet me in front of the school in twenty minutes, don't be late" a deep male voice says, I start trembling, I need to get there early as possibly to be safe from who ever it is, I run upstairs and grab my bag, I nearly miss the bus as I run down the street, I just catch it and walk all the way to the back of the bus, I pull out my schedule, I have science first, great, just the way to start out every day, the thing I hate most

"hi" a boy breaks me from my thoughts

"hi" I say back

"can I sit with you, im new, I just moved from Arizona" I look at him surprised

"same here, come" I scoot over and pat the spot next to my smiling, he takes it

"im robby" he says pulling his schedule out too

"im Danielle, so, when did you move here" he studies his paper

"uh, last week" he stares down at his paper, "you"

"about two weeks ago, and we still have nothing unpacked" he laughs and looks at me, he has beautiful green eyes and black hair, a perfect face, and fit, muscles showing under his t shirt

"really, my mother had everything unpacked in two days, she is a neat freak, with major OCD" I laugh a little

"complete opposite of my dad, he leaves things everywhere and leaves me to pick them up" he scoots casually closer to me, he puts his backpack on the other side of him, we are so close we're practically touching

"oh really, I bet my mom is worse than your dad" he smiles at me

"you wanna bet" I challenged

"I like you, you are different than most of the girls I have met" I look at him confused

"in a good way, im not insulting you" he laughs, I look down embarrassed, and he notices, he puts his arm around me and hugs me playfully tight, I laugh and he starts to tickle me

"stop, and thanks, I haven't ever met anyone like you before either" I smile at him, the way he looks at me makes my stomach flip, we pull up into school grounds

"oh, can I tell you something" I ask remembering the phone call from this morning

"sure" he says

"I got this phone call this morning, from a guy that sounded like he wasn't of this planet, he said he wanted to meet me in front of the school" I look at my phone for the time, "right now, what do you have first" I ask grabbing his paper

"science" he replies

"we have the same schedule, awesome" I smile in happiness and relief

"are you worried about that guy" he asks concerned

"a little" I admit

"well, i'll stay with you" he smiles and the driver lets us off the bus, I follow him off and we walk side by side, I see girls looking in our direction, and guys, then I see a strong, handsome kid looking at me with a death look, I quicken my pace and robby speeds up with me

"I see him, he's right behind us, following us, im scared" I instinctively hold his hand, he doesn't seem to mind though, he turns around seeing the student in all black, his hair is long and curly, his eyes are almost black, that's what scares me most

"he does look like a creep" he whispers to me, robby is a couple inches taller than me, his hand warm in mine, we walk into the cafeteria for breakfast, its a pizza bagel, we grab that and juice, the lady at the front hands us a cup of pudding, and we go sit down at an empty table

"are you ok" robby puts a hand on my shoulder, I ump a little and look at him

"yeah, im fine, I just don't feel safe with him watching me constantly" I glance over my shoulder to see him walking me closer, my heart pounds in my chest, I turn to robby, I can tell he is a little freaked out too

"may I sit with you guys" the guy says, that deep voice and edge in it make my skin crawl

"sure" I choke out, he sits next to me, about two feet away, I suddenly get colder, I rub my arms a little

"thank you" he says, robby looks nervously at him the rest of breakfast, when the bell rings I grab my plate and walk out, dumping it next to the door in the big trash can

"Danielle, wait up" robby runs after me

"something is not right about him, I can feel it" I say walking down the hall to science

"I don't think he is normal either, lets just try to avoid him as much as possible" I nod, still rubbing my arms, he puts an arm around me and pulls me close, the warmth of his body felt good against my cold skin

"good idea" I look up at him as we walk into the classroom, we sit at a table for two and get set up as it is written on the big white board in blue expo marker, the guy from earlier walks in and takes a seat directly behind me, I start to freak out, robby notices and takes my hand tightly in his

"its ok, im here" he reassures me, I calm down a little but on edge the rest of the class, I can still feel his gaze on me, when I turn around, his eyes are totally pitch black, like, completely black, no white anywhere

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