My Journal.

Writing things that are on my mind at the moment


3. Relationships. (Some cursing)


Okay, relationships. Where do I start? For one thing, they're very difficult. You have people assuming things, then a stupid ass issue that makes no sense, and rumors about your girl/boyfriend cheating on you. So there's plenty of issues and problems in relationships. 

Good things about relationships. If you're like some people (Lou and El or Perrie and Zayn) you have the most adorable adorable relationships EVER. There's very few problems and when there are some, you get through them in no time. Everyone should be able to have these kinds of relationships.

So with that being said, it's time to move on to jealousy in relationships. Some people just like someone SO FUCKING MUCH that they would ruin someone else's relationship to attempt to be with that person, then fail SO FUCKING MISERABLY because the person that you want, doesn't want anything to do with you or any other person for that matter.

Just keep all that in mind when you're starting out in a new relationship. 


Sorry for my french but I warned you in the title. 

-Ashley xx

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