how do you do it

when a lonely city boy discovers he has a special ability he tries to control it, but has a real hard time doing so


8. is it really you

alexs POV


after about half of the movie vannah fall asleep in my arms, so i turned the movie off and went to sleep too

"alex, alex wake up" vannah says tiredly, i open my eyes to see her rubbing her eyes

"what" we separate and i stretch a little

"what time is it" she asks looking at her wrapped foot blankly

"nine twenty nine" i say looking at the clock on the wall

"oh, i can text my mom and ask if i can stay another night" i nod and get up

"you want breakfast" i ask her starting to walk to the kitchen

"sure, what are we gonna have" she looks over at me

"what ever you want, pancakes, bacon and eggs" i offer

"bacon and eggs" she says, i nod and walk into the kitchen to start on the eggs, i put the bacon in the microwave and crack two eggs on the skillet over the stove

"can i have some orange juice too" she says

"yeah, just a second" i finish cracking the eggs and run over to the fridge and pour two glasses of orange juice and take them in there

"sorry to make you run around like that, and thanks" she says as i hand her a glass and set the other on the table

"oh its fine, i do this every morning for lyla, or i used to" i remember her lifeless body in my arms, and it was my fault, i quickly push the though away and walk back to the kitchen, i hear something fall down the stairs, vannah jumps and turns to try to see what it is but she cant, i warily walk over there and see lyla standing next to the stairs, rubbing her eyes

"alex, what are we having for breakfast" she says, i cant believe my eyes, i walk over to her and kneel down in front of her

"alex, why are you acting weird" i hug her tight and cry

"i love you so much" i say and grip her in my arms

"i love you too, what happened" i release her

"nothing, its just i had a really bad dream" i say wiping away my tears

"what about" she asks and yawns

"nothing you should worry about right now, go to the kitchen and sit down, breakfast is almost ready" she nods and walks over to the table, i can still see the huge scar on her neck from the fall, i will eventually tell her about it, but not now, not here


sorry for the short chapter, i couldn't really think of anything today, but keep an eye out for the next chapter, and updates in my other books, luv ya


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