how do you do it

when a lonely city boy discovers he has a special ability he tries to control it, but has a real hard time doing so


4. fly boy

when I found out vannah went to my school I tried to find her Monday, but I only saw her once, and she didn't see me, in class I got bored so I drew a picture of myself flying away from school with vannah in my arms, I had worked on it for the past  half hour when the guy next to me took it, sadly he knew vannah so he could find her between classes and embarrass me

"fly boy likes vannah" he yells out in the middle of class, apparently vannah is the most popular girl in the ninth grade, being in tenth we were all in the same hallway

"you little wimp, she would never like you, how do you even know her" the boy in front of me asks when he sees the picture

"how could he not, I see him staring at her every chance he gets" tony says from the other side of the room, the bell rings and I run out of the classroom with everyone laughing and yelling at me to leave her alone

I practically run outside to my little hide out, today the schedule was crammed so we have lunch with the ninth graders, so I was not risking seeing vannah or anyone else, I start to cry thinking of what the class had said about me, I hear someone approaching and scoot as far back in the little space I have as I can

"alex, are you ok" its vannah, she bends down to get a better view of me, she looks worried when she sees my face

"yeah, im fine" I curl up into a ball and hide my face from her


vannah's POV


when I see alex crying I instantly try to figure out why, I put my hand on his shoulder

"please tell me what's wrong, I want to help if I can" he looks up at me, I smile brightly at him, he slightly smiles back, drake runs up to me with a picture in his hands

"vannah, fly boy drew this picture" im confused, nobody told me who fly boy was

"who's fly boy" I ask looking at the picture, its a really good picture, its of me being flown away by a boy who looks like alex

"me, im fly boy" alex comes out of the little space he was in and runs away, but drake grabs his arm and throws him on the rocks as hard as he can

"now flyboy, you better stay away from my girl or i'll make you wish you were never born" drake kicks him multiple times

"drake stop it" I scream trying to pull him away from alex, its starting to rain now and alex just started coughing up blood

"why are you defending him, you don't even know him" drake turns his attention to me

"maybe I do know him and leave him alone" I push him away from alex

"stop defending him or you wont be my girlfriend anymore" he threatens me

"if you keep treating him like this maybe I don't wanna be your girlfriend anymore" I yell angrily at him, he slaps me hard in the face, I fall on the ground next to alex

"that's it, we're through" drake says kicking alex as hard as he can and walks away

"you didn't have to do that for me" alex says rolling over on his stomach still coughing up blood

"I wanted to, now lets get you to the nurse" I say helping him to his feet, it takes about five to ten minutes to get to the nurse, I lay al down on one of the beds and he nurse comes over to us

"what happened" she says looking at alex's injuries

"he was beat by drake outside" I say remembering alex coughing up blood on the ground

"and what happened to you" she looks at my bruised cheek where drake slapped me

"drake hit me when I defended alex" I flinch when she touches my cheek, I feel alex grab my hand, I wish so hard he could get better, and just like that his insides were better, he didn't hurt as much, and my cheek was healed, and I did it, I could heal

"what just happened, both of you are perfectly fine"

"I don't know, but since we're better can we leave" I ask as alex sits up

"I guess so" the nurse says, ale leads me out of school and to the park nearby

"where are you taking me, school isn't over yet" I ask as he sits on the wet swing

"do you wanna know why they call me fly boy, they don't know what I can do, but I dream about flying sometimes" I look at him fascinated


alexs POV


"can you fly" vannah asks, I nod and walk over to her

"you wanna demonstration" I ask, she nods

"sure" she says

"hold on tight" I wrap my left arm around her waist, her arms wrap around my shoulders, I fly up above the school and over to the hillside where you can see the whole city, she holds onto me tightly, the rain makes my vision a little blurry, but its not a problem

"alex, this is amazing" she says, I put my hands right under her waists and she straightens up, lets go of my shoulders, and spreads her arms out, I laugh

"don't let go" she says smiling

"don't you trust me" I ask

"more than anyone in a long time" she says, she holds onto me again when we touch the ground, we sit on the hill for a while

"how do you like it" I ask sitting next to her

"do you mean the view, or yourself" im surprised, "because I think both are pretty amazing and wonderful" she puts her arm around my waist, I put my arm around her shoulder, she kisses me on the cheek, I turn to her and kiss her on the lips

"this is amazing, i've always wanted to kiss the perfect guy in the rain" she looks into me so well

"and I have always wanted the perfect girl in my arms, and it came true" she blushes

"can you fly me home, my mother should be home in an hour, can you still come over later"

"yeah I can come over, hold on" she holds onto me and I fly her home, after I drop her off I walk back to my house

"hey fly boy, you're going to pay for stealing my girl" I see drake with three other friends walking towards me

"she chose me over you and that's not my problem, its yours" he charges at me, I fly up and over them to my house, im inside and in my room when the hit the block


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