how do you do it

when a lonely city boy discovers he has a special ability he tries to control it, but has a real hard time doing so


5. dead

"alex play with me" lyla runs in my room, I slam my window closed, it had been open while I was trying to listen to the conversation of drake and his friends

"not right now, I think im in trouble" she looks at me confused, I look out the window, I see them looking up at my window and walking towards the front door


I run downstairs as fast as I can to get it before sam, but he is already letting the guys in and showing them the staircase

"al im going to the store be back in an hour" he says and walks out the door, I have a stare down with drake for a long time

"wow, I didn't know fly boy could actually live up to his name, is it wire and harness" he starts walking towards me, I back away to the staircase, ready to dart to my room

"don't think about running" one of the blondes says

"ok" I simply say and fly up to my room, lyla is still looking out my window, I lock the door and run to her, I pick her up and lock her in the closet

"stay in there and be quiet, im in trouble"

"ok" I hear her say, im lucky she isn't afraid of the dark anymore

"come out fly boy, we need to talk to you" I stand in place, too afraid to breathe

"he's in here, I can feel it" one of them says, they start trying to break down my door, a few rams in they literally knock the door out of my window

"now, where we left off before vannah had to interfere" he kicks me hard in the stomach, I fall to the ground

"why do you have to bother me, go kill someone like yourself" I kick him in his legs, he falls backwards, I kick him hard again, then the others start kicking me as hard as they can

"I think we can kill you in an hour" drake says getting up, I hear lyla scream in my closet

"oh no lyla" I whisper, one of the guys walks over to the closet and opens it, lyla comes running out screaming at the guys

"what is this" drake says and lyla slams into his leg so hard he falls to the ground again, then one of the other guys kicks her so hard she flies to the other side of the room

"no" I yell, I get up and tackle the guy to the ground and punch him over and over again for kicking lyla

"get off freak" he says trying to push me off

"then don't hit my sister" I punch him again

"alex help" I immediately turn around to see drake dangling lyla out the window by her hair

"leave her alone" I say

"get off of him" drake says glancing at the guy under me, I get up with out looking away from drake

"please, don't hurt her" I put my hands up to show I give up and they win

"you took away someone I love, now im going to take away someone away you love" he releases her hair and she falls to the ground, the other three guys hold me back as I scream and kick, they throw me to the ground and shut me up long enough to here lyla hit the concrete below, I start crying, they walk out of my room, I look out the window to see them walk past lyla's body, they walk away around the corner, I jump out the window and softly touch the ground next to lyla, I pick her up and hold her in my arms gently shaking her

"lyla, wake up, please wake up" I move a small brown strand of hair out of her face, my tears falling onto her lifeless body, I know she's dead, but I keep tying until I notice her broken neck and blood on my hands, I put my face into her stomach and cry, one of the neighbors sons comes out, he is just two years older than me

"alex, what happened" he runs up next to me and sits down

"those bastards killed lyla, drake and some of his friends" I look up in the direction they left, he pulls out his phone and calls the police

"did they do anything to you" he asks waiting for them to pick up, I pull up my shirt to show him my bleeding and bruised stomach from where they kicked me

"hello, yes, some kids just killed my neighbors four year old sister, and caused him some major bleeding, we need someone down here now, um" he gives my address and hangs up

"they better rot in prison" I cry into lyla's shirt again, "she didn't deserve this, it was me they wanted" I look up to harry, his hair a mess, and blue eyes cold

"don't worry, they will be caught and you healed" he hugs me, I hug him back, his brother comes out to us

he comes and sits on the other side of me and puts his hand on my shoulder, we sit there til the cops show up with an ambulance, they take me in and give me some pain killer, the whole time im thinking about lyla, her body is wrapped up and left on the couch inside, they bring a dog inside and up to my room, the dog comes out heading in the direction the boys went, I just stare at lyla's lifeless body on the couch, thinking of how I could have prevented everything that happened

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