how do you do it

when a lonely city boy discovers he has a special ability he tries to control it, but has a real hard time doing so


7. broken

vannah's POV


after alex leads me to a guest room for the night I start to walk back to my house to pack, since his uncle is in court, and his parents are on a two week business trip, alex would be  all alone

"well, well, well" I hear drakes voice call from behind me, I turn to see him a few yards back

"what do you want, you dumped me remember" I snap, he starts to run towards me, I turn and run as fast as I can to my house, my moms car is in the driveway so she left the front door unlocked for me, as I get into the yard I get pushed to the ground hard

"im not letting you get away that easily" drake hovers over me, his usually brown eyes burn red, I stare into them in shock

"what happened to you" I start to back away slowly towards the door

"didn't fly boy tell you, im like him, but flying isn't my power, im strong, like superman" he puts his foot hard on my ankle, the only power I have is healing, so I don't have anything to defend myself

"that doesn't make you anymore attractive drake, it just makes me hate you more" I turn to get my ankle free

"oh come now vannah, I love you, can we be friends" he asks

"no, I hate you, let me go, mom, help" I scream for my mom, drake tries to pick me up, I start screaming as loud as I can

"vannah, whats wrong" my neighbor comes out, he is like a big brother to me, when he sees drake he runs after him

"ned, help me" I scream he runs into drake, he pins him down while I get away and run to the hose, I get safely inside and lock the door, ned takes drake to the corner and tosses him

"stay away from her" he yells and walks back to his house

"vannah, whats going on" my mother walks in, I hug her tight

"drake tried to kidnap me since I like alex now" she looks at me with relief

"I told you that boy was nothing but trouble" she hugs me back

"I know, and I didn't listen, and im sorry" I cry into her shirt

"oh baby, its ok" she strokes my hair

"is it ok if I stay at alex's house tonight, he will be all alone" she looks confused

"doesn't he have his sister" I shake my head

"drake killed her, his uncle is in court for some reason, and his parents are on a business trip" her face drops and she nods

"yes its ok with me, go pack now" she rushes me along

"thanks mom, I love you" I run up the stairs and into my room, I grab a duffle bag and pack my clothes and sheet music incase he wants to play his instrument or practice the violin, I grab an extra pair of shoes and run out the door

"drake" I mump when I see him at the corner, just staring at me, but there is something more to his expression, it looks like pain, when I walk towards him ii see someone behind him and a puddle of blood next to his feet

"drake" I repeat this time more concerning

"your too late, he is dying" the man behind him says, he yanks a giant knife from drakes back and he falls to the ground

"why are you doing this" I scream

"because I hate him" the man walks away and I run to drake

"here, please take it, I love you" he hands me a box, when I take it his eyes close and his breathing stops

"good bye drake, I love you too" I say and stand up and open the box, its a beautiful diamond bracelet that should've well cost four hundred dollars, I put it on and walk away to alexs house

"vannah, whats wrong" alex says when he sees me

"what do you mean" I ask confused

"you are limping" he points to my ankle, its twisted

"I don't know what happened" then I feel the pain, we are standing right outside of his house, I fall in his arms and he picks me up bridal way and carries me inside to the couch

"stay here, im gonna go get something to wrap it with and an ice pack" I nod and a tear falls down my cheek as he walks away, I hear him start to sing the song I sang to him only twenty minutes ago

"he sings, I didn't know that" I say quietly, alex comes running back in with wrapping and ice, he hands me the ice and takes my shoe off carefully

"does it hurt" he asks looking up at me

"a little" I say squeezing the arm of the couch as he wraps it carefully

"im sorry" he says in the middle of wrapping my swollen ankle

"its not your fault, its mine, your doing fine" I have been watching him wrap it, it is just how my mother would

"im going to get pain killers" he gets up after he finishes

I fix the binding a little so its tighter, he walks back in with two pills and a glass of water

"thank you" I take the pills and drink the rest of the water, I turn so I can rest my ankle on the coffee table, alex puts a pillow down so its more comfortable

"you wanna watch tv for a while" he offers sitting to the left of me on the couch

"sure" I lean into alex, he puts his arm around me and I lean my head on his shoulder, after a while of watching family guy he gets up to look for a movie

"horror or comedy" he holds up a few of each

"horror" I say quickly, he hands me four horror movies, jaws, mama, paranormal activity one, and sinister

"have you seen any of those" alex asks me

"I have seen all of the paranormal activities and mama" I put those movies next to me on the couch

"which one do you want to watch" I ask alex

"I haven't seen sinister yet" he says

"neither have I, I guess we have a winner" I hand him sinister, he takes the other three and puts them away

"want popcorn and a soda" he asks pausing the movie when it gets to the beginning

"yes please, do you have dr pepper" he starts to walk to the kitchen

"yeah, ill be back" he disappears from view, I pick up the case for sinister, it looks freaky, and cool, alex comes back in with two sodas and a bowl of popcorn, I lean against his warm body as we start the movie

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