how do you do it

when a lonely city boy discovers he has a special ability he tries to control it, but has a real hard time doing so


1. confused

I wake up and my blanket is on the floor, I feel cold and no hard surface, I reach around to feel whatever im lying on, and I figure out, im floating, in mid air, I yell as loudly as I can, seconds later my little sister lyla comes running in, she smiles and jumps on my leg and crawls up to my back

"fly through the window alex" she  wraps her arms around my neck and laughs

yep, my four year old sister doesn't get that this is really serious

"no lyla, I cant, this is serious, I don't know what's going on, now climb down" I try to pull her over my head but she slides down my back and drops to the floor

"when are you going to come down" she starts jumping on my bed

"I don't know, go get uncle sam" she runs out of the room and to our uncles room across the hall, I hear her screaming my name and flying, the rest is too fuzzy for me to understand, I figure out how to move forward, all I have to do is think "forward" and I was flying, I maneuvered myself to the hallway and fly into the wall next to sam's room, I straighten myself and fly, or float into his room, he screams at the sight of his fifteen year old nephew floating in mid air, his blonde hair a mess, wearing only shorts he walks over to me, I think "down" and I hit the floor, not flying anymore

"what happened" he grabs my bare shoulders and shakes me like im mad

"stop shaking me" I pull away from him, "and I don't know, I woke up floating above my bed, she came in and told me to fly around, and I came in here after I figured out how to move myself" he looks at me confused, his fit, muscular body falls back on his bed, me and lyla bend over him to make sure he is okay, he groans loudly

"we are taking you to a doctor, both of you, go get ready now" he says quietly, when we don't move he yells, "now" we both run out of his room so fast lyla almost runs into her door, I run into my room and throw a black t shirt on and skinny jeans, I run downstairs to find lyla dressed and eating a bagel, I grab a frozen waffle, throw it in the microwave and thaw it, I eat it cold with a glass of orange juice, I slip on the slippery wood floor in my socks, sam comes walking down completely dressed and heats up three waffles

"so when are we leaving" lyla asks as I sit down next to her at the table

"as soon as you two finish getting ready" he sits next to me at the table with his waffles, he is a very intimidating man, a very strong voice, fit, strong, and fast, the complete opposite of our dad, our mom is his sister, he is older than her though, she is always working, same with dad, so they asked uncle sam to come live with us about three years ago, right after lyla was born

"so what time exactly" I try to stall, I 100% dreaded the doctors, but if sam said I need to go I need to go to the doctor, and that's final

"don't play games with me al, I know better now" he calls me al because he has too many friends with the name alex, so do my mom and dad, lyla is the only one who calls me alex, even my friends and teachers call me al, it kinda annoys me, but I will soon get used to it

"what game, I wanna play" lyla yells excitedly as she finishes her bagel, sam looks evilly at her, she screams and runs upstairs, he looks at me next, I take my waffle and run upstairs after lyla, when I get in my room lyla is rocking herself back and forth on my bed, I walk over to her and pull her into a tight hug, she is crying hard into my shirt, her arms wrapped tight around my waist

"its ok lyla, sam scares me too" she squeezes tighter and laughs a little, I rub her back and stroke her hair

"don't let him get me" she whimpers and looks up at me, "can you be my knight" I laugh

"sure princess, i'll be your knight, now finish getting ready, or the mighty dragon sam will get us both" I reply tickling her ribs, she gets away from me and runs to her room laughing, people tell me im great with little kids, I guess I am, they say I will make a great father, I remember my wet shirt and change into my tony hawk red one, I mess up my hair, honestly, my hair looks better messy, that means my bed head is a good handsome head, I laugh to myself, as I walk past my bed I trip over my shoe lace and cut my shoulder on the edge of my bed, I lye on the ground in pain

"alex alex..." she says cheerfully, when she sees me her smile disappears, "aahhh, what happened to my knight" she runs over to me, I grip my bleeding shoulder tightly to stop the flow

"go get me a lot of paper towels, now" she nods and runs downstairs to sam, I hear her yelling about me and paper towels, sam comes running into my room with a hand towel, he presses it against my shoulder, I yell at the pain

"stop moving al" sam keeps me still on the ground, "it is really deep, you need a hospital, keep pressure on that" he yells at me, I hold the rag tight against my shoulder as sam picks me up and carries me out to the truck, he puts me in the passenger seat and lyla hops in the seat right behind me, sam speeds down the street towards the hospital, at this speed, we'll be there in about five minutes, he runs multiple red lights, and almost gets us into a crash about ten times

"slow down, I not dying" I yell at him as we approach the hospital, he slows down a bit and races into the parking lot, he helps me into the hospital and they take me back on a stretcher, I start to get dizzy, I look at my hand covered in blood, my eyelids shut and im asleep

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