Crazy Right? (not famous) *on hold*

Its Crazy Zayn Formed A gang and struggles to keep His girlfriend safe his friends are helping him but will Zayns life be the same Or will katie pay the price.


5. Sleep Over

Katie pov

Niall tried to pick out my outfit but he failed and i picked it out my self.

It was a leather jacket with a white tank top under it the shoes where black DCs and grey skinny jeans.

I still had the sleep over with Niall but he was mad that i might have a boyfriend.

"hey Niall do you think Zayn actually likes me?" i said.

"UHHHH this is our sleep over let talk about something intresting."

"who do you like Ni"

"im not telling and i said intresting not  my love life."

"FIIIIIIINE i heard that Sandy Jacobson has a crush on you"

"really the girl i liked in 6th grade. Now likes me HMMM lets give her a prank call."

"NO NI N-O go on a date with her"

"N-O Kat NO ill give her a prank call and i dont like her."


"Hello who is this speaking..."

"Sandy Jacobson.."

"Okay Sandy this is Robin Hood..."

"What do you need 'Robin Hood'..."

"I need you to pay your rent..."

"my mom just payed rent.."

"no You need to pay rent"


"and the phone went dead."

"Ni that was mean"

'' NO it was funny"

"Hardly 'funny' more like stupit."

Well im going to bed"


Then she fell asleep in my arms i wish she were mine.


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