Crazy Right? (not famous) *on hold*

Its Crazy Zayn Formed A gang and struggles to keep His girlfriend safe his friends are helping him but will Zayns life be the same Or will katie pay the price.


3. (Niall POV) what


I knew someday. She would find that boy she truly loved. But i always thought i was that boy then Zayn Fucking Malik gave her his number. But if shes happy fuck it im happy.

"Nialler what if i told you i just got asked out by...ZAYN FUCKING MALIK" she used my wording when she said Zayns name. I cant lie it made me blush.

"I would say i dont like him--" she cut me off.

" 'hes bad news kat' " she mimiced me of what i said yesterday.

"i am right tho cat what if he starts something while dating you and then you get kidnaped and hurt and" i couldnt finish. Its posible though and she knows it. The thing is we are best friends and as BFFs do they never ever listen to eachother. I knew this because in our 6th grade year she told me she hated my crush and said 'if you ever ask her out ill beat you up'. The next day i asked her out right in front of katie. The girl said no but Katie walked over to me with fists and everything. I was scared but when she came over to me she hugged me.

She just came over and hugged me as usual i had hot cheeks and butterflies also a spark that my mom calls love. I was smiling like a retard.

"are y-you really gonna go on that d-date with h-him Katie?" i stuggled to say.

"Niall my poor baby i have to go i need to see if i feel a spark" she joked.

I felt a spark around her i felt a fire when she hugged me. But when she slept over and in my bed sharing the covers with me and i saw her sleep i saw fireworks.

"Niall you okay? you look like your in another planet."

"Ohh shit sorry Kat i just zoned out." I truthfully said.

"Okay your coming over to pick out my outfit!" she laughed.

"Ohh then youll owe me!" i joked.

"Oh yeah and what will i owe you NIALL" she playfully pushed my sholder. There that fire.

" hmm One BOREING outfit picking and One SASSY atitude equals A SLEEP OVER!" i exclaiamed.

"FIIIIIIIIIINE but this time put some effort into picking out my PERFECT outfit!!!" she smiled. I love that smile.

"okay but the sleepover is friday" i said before leaving detention since it was over 5 minates ago.

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