Crazy Right? (not famous) *on hold*

Its Crazy Zayn Formed A gang and struggles to keep His girlfriend safe his friends are helping him but will Zayns life be the same Or will katie pay the price.


2. How it all started...

"Hey babe im Zayn whats you name?"Zayn said. I smiled when he spoke.

"Ah My name is Katie" I said.

"Well Katie your hot heres my number text me today or dont text me at all." He said. Hes the bad boy at my school. Every girl likes him and he gave me his number. What a mystery. I put his number in my phone his name is Zayn-xoxo. i love to text so i ended up texting him during my detention.


Me: hey Zayn its Katie

Zayn-xoxo: hey sexy where you at?

Me: detention where are yew yewr skipping arnt yew...

Zayn-xoxo: yup what did you do

Me: i got caught smoking in the girls locker room

Zayn-xoxo: Thats lame i got caught punching Reese Collins

Me: hes a ass

Zayn-xoxo: what did he do to you

Me: last year he invited me to the dance and while we were dancing cut some of my hair off

Zayn-xoxo: haha that sucks for you... bye sexy text you later


Omg. Cant wait to tell Niall (at this time we were bff we still are but well you know the gang)!!

Niall sat next to me in detention. He got caught texting me in class. When the teacher left. Everyone started talking.

"Niall GUESS what!!!" i said.

"What kat" he begged.

"ZAYN gave ME his number!!!" i said.

"what hes a jerk"he said.

"But i had a crush on him since---"

"3rd grade i know but hes bad news kat"he sighed.

"you dont know that and hes well you no H-O-T"i said.

"Im not gay so i dont know and hes mean i dont want you to get hurt..."he said.

"I know I know. stop being a cheaky boy and start being my mate!!!" i joked.


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