Finally Found You

Ariana was 15 when something tragic happened. A year later she finally found happiness but everything changed. She wanted to get away from all of it but she never could. Then one day she got a chance. Ariana is finally getting the guts to run away. Run away from them. Little does she know she has a surprise waiting ahead of her. She's 17 and has no where to go. Until she met him that one night. Will she be alright? Who is he? What's the surprise? Who's she running from?


6. waking up to strangers


Ariana's P.O.V

I woke up unfamiliar with my surroundings. I sit up way to fast and I get dizzy. After my dizziness was gone I remember everything. I look at the clock and it says 12:00 P.M. I think I slept on late I hear a lot of yelling I can only make out a couple words " MY HAIR" "WHERE'S THE FOOD" "CARROTS"  I put my hair up in a bun. I don't know why but I feel as if I could trust Anne and she told me to trust her. I go down stairs looking for Anne but I end up finding 4 random guys on the couch. I just froze so did they. I waited about 2 minutes until Harry came in. 
" Oh Hey Ariana" Harry said
" Harry where's Anne?" 
" She went to the store. Do you want anything?"
The boys were still staring and it made me uncomfortable.
" How long can I stay? I don't wanna be a burden." 
" You can stay as long as you like. I think mum likes you being around. I think you remind her of a younger version of Gemma" 
" okay thanks" I said " Uhm harry where's the restroom?"
"Upstairs walk straight to the end and to the left the towels are in the cupboard" 
I gave him a weak smile " thanks" 

" Can i have a towel?"

" Yea and mums taking you to the doctors later"

"Okay thanks"

Harry's P.O.V

Ariana actually talked to me like a full conversation. I almost forgot the boys were there. Until Liam cleared his throat'
"Yes , Liam?"
"And who was that?"
" Obviously Ariana, Duh he even said it" Niall joked. Liam gave him a glare that told him shut up.
" Uhm I met her last night ?"
" Seriously Harry a one night stand and you brought her home to where your mum lives"
" LEEYUUUUUUUM Shes not a one night stand and we did not sleep together and I mean DID NOT"
" Then who is she" 
" She needed my help. Did you not see her bruises. Shes hurt. She's told mum and she called the police lasr tonight and Liam Dont say no. If you looked at the  scared look in her face when you ran into her you would've understood." 
Then my mum came in with groceries. I went to help her put it up to end the conversation with Liam.
" Has she woken up?" Mum asked
" Yea Shes getting washed up" 
" okay was she scared with the guys there?"
" I think a little."
" Okay Im going to go talk to her" 
I grabbed a hold of mums wrists so she could turn around.
" what happened yesterday night mum?"
" We talked. why?"
" because I want to know why she's wouldnt have a full conversation with and why she actually talked to me today"
" we just talked about what happened to her in the past and that she could trust us" 
" What happened in her past?" 
" Honey, Im sorry but it's not my story to tell" 
And with that she walked off.

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