Finally Found You

Ariana was 15 when something tragic happened. A year later she finally found happiness but everything changed. She wanted to get away from all of it but she never could. Then one day she got a chance. Ariana is finally getting the guts to run away. Run away from them. Little does she know she has a surprise waiting ahead of her. She's 17 and has no where to go. Until she met him that one night. Will she be alright? Who is he? What's the surprise? Who's she running from?


4. The walk

Ariana's POV

I let him take me home we walked for about 3 minutes to get to his car. The walk was pure silence. I ignored the world not realizing Harry stop and I kept walking being paranoid about Rob. Its not until he grabs my waist until I snap back into reality. I screamed. I thought Rob found me


Harry's POV

We walked to my house for 3minutes. I kept quiet. She looked as if she was deep in thought and she kept looking around as if waiting for someone to pop out of the bushes. I was thinking about when I should ask her about 'him'. We finally arrived to my car but she seemed as if she was in her own world. She kept walking and i just kept looking at her confused. Where was she going? I was about to call her name but I noticed I didn't really heat her name. Nice going Harry. I looked back and saw she was about to walk into the busy street. I run up to her catching up to her and grab her by the waist dragging her to the sidewalk. She was screaming.

" Shh, Shh what's wrong Love?"

Ariana's Pov 

" Shh, Shh what's wrong Love?"

I sigh a breath of relief.

" I'm sorry I thought you were someone else" 

" It's alright love don't apologize"  he said

" thanks for saving me" I awkwardly stood up out of his arms.

" No problems, but uhm why where you about to walk into the street anyways?" 

" I was In my own world for the whole walk, sorry"

" Its okay, We've arrived at my car" 




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