Finally Found You

Ariana was 15 when something tragic happened. A year later she finally found happiness but everything changed. She wanted to get away from all of it but she never could. Then one day she got a chance. Ariana is finally getting the guts to run away. Run away from them. Little does she know she has a surprise waiting ahead of her. She's 17 and has no where to go. Until she met him that one night. Will she be alright? Who is he? What's the surprise? Who's she running from?


2. The Orphanage & Changes

*Still In Flashback*

When I got there, it was my new home. There were at least 30 little kids running around, 10 preteens, and like 5 other kid my age. I had met Mr. and Mrs.Miller;They ran the orphanage I think they had two kids John and Stewart. They were pretty cool to hang out with I mean John was 16 and Stewart was 14. I was pretty cool with all the kids my age. Especially Briana. She was my roommate along with Alex. The room next to us were the guys Jorge, Jason, and Jimy. Then there were John and Stewart. We were all at least 17. Well when I got there I had met John and Stewart first the it was Briana then Jimy. Did i mention Jimy was cute but he was like my brother. Well then I met everyone else at the same time. The girls were pretty and the boys were cute. There were couples and it was Briana and Jason and John and Alex. Yea. We were all pretty close. We all went to the same high school. It was horrible. People would make fun of me and bully me cause no one wanted me. But i didnt let them get to me and always stood up for myself. I had probably gotten into about 5 fights at school for the 1 semester i had there.  I had a boyfriend named Justin and i loved him.I always understood that there was no hope for me to get adopted until half a year later I got adopted and I had to say good bye to everyone and I had to break up with the boy I loved. Then I had to say goodbye to Briana she was sobbing. I on the other had couldnt cry anymore. Crying was for the weak. I promised I would try to talk to her everyday.She was like a sister to me. I went home to my new parents.We moved to the UK. Then two months later everything and I mean EVERYTHING changed.  I was home schooled and they lost there jobs. They or those things named Rob and Barbra. They drank and took there anger out on me I mean it was one hit after another. I was always trying to stand up for myself it always ended worse. I lost touch with everyone. They didn't give me a phone or anything. They didn't let me go out & and i was terrified. They said if i ever try and run they would find me and kill me. I never talked so when they weren't beating me i was in my room just sitting on my bed. Planning my escape.

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