Finally Found You

Ariana was 15 when something tragic happened. A year later she finally found happiness but everything changed. She wanted to get away from all of it but she never could. Then one day she got a chance. Ariana is finally getting the guts to run away. Run away from them. Little does she know she has a surprise waiting ahead of her. She's 17 and has no where to go. Until she met him that one night. Will she be alright? Who is he? What's the surprise? Who's she running from?


1. Flashback

Chapter 1: Flashback


"Sweetheart we love you never forget it no matter what happens I'm sorry we have to leave you so early in you're life" my mother said with tears streaming down her eyes.

I hated seeing her cry; I couldn't help but cry. I was in so much pain physically and mentally.

"Ariana I'm so sorry I won't be able to see you grow up. Im sorry I wont see you in a white dress walking down the isle, and Im sorry I won't be able  to see you start your life with your family. We will always be here for you even if we're not here with you physically we're here for you. When life gets rough dont give up. Stand up for yourself. Im sorry i wont be next to you, comforting you when life get rough.It's all my fault I wasn't paying attention to the r-road" my dad could barely get it out.

"It wasnt your fault. I love you guys so much please don't leave me NOT NOW PLEASE"  I was sobbing. 

They looked me and said I love you and there eyes closed and suddenly their chests stopped moving up and down. They were gone. I was screaming and sobbing starring at their lifeless bodies. I wanted to get out of there but I couldn't move I was stuck.Then before everything went black I heard an police sirens.We had apparently tumbled down in a ditch. We were pretty beat up. I looked at my parents they didn't  have their seat belts on. They had blood all over them. My dad had it worst; im guessing he tried protecting us by putting his arm over my mom and I trying to use it as a shield. Pieces of glass all up his arm. How was i going to live without them? I heard people screaming. The last thing i heard was " Youre going to be alright.Just stay awake"

I tried hard to stay awake I couldn't. I don't know how long they took to get us out but it was awhile. I had woken up in a hospital bed. I noticed I had a cast on my arm and stitches on my leg. I remembered what happened last night I had tears in my eyes. I looked around for a was 8:15 a.m. As I was looking around I saw a nice looking lady, I didnt notice before, with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. She was really pretty.

"Hi I'm Miranda" she introduced.

"Im Ariana. Uhm do you know if my parents are okay?" I managed to ask with tears in my eyes.

She looked at me and looked at the floor. She looked back up and said, "Im so sorry" she had tears in her eyes.  I looked at her  and burst into tears; she then surprised me and got up to comfort me. I calmed down but I was still crying.

I managed to ask who she was.

"Im a social worker. Uhm Im sorry to ask but do have family close by our any close friends?" 

I shook my head my mother didn't have much family she talked to they disowned her for marrying my dad. My dads mom died last month and his dad died before I was born. My dad didn't have an brothers or sisters and neither did I. I really wanted a sibling and my mom wanted  another kid too. Now she'd never had a chance. And as for friends i just had one my Best friend Jade but I didnt want to bother her. Her parents didnt like me because i was too 'sassy' and 'disrespectful'. I was interrupted by Miranda.

"oh okay since you're only 16. Youre going to have to stay in an orphanage in Canada after you get out of the hospital" she said.

"NO" I yelled.

" Im sorry but there's nothing else to do. You either get adopted by another family or you wait until they let you leave" 

I was sobbing. " why Canada?"

"There's a better chance of you getting adopted in Canada"

"Whatever" I mumbled

I was feeling pissed not anything else. I was crying of frustration.Why the hell did this happen to me? The doctor walked in.

"We'll keep you here about a week for more test and then you'll be free to go. Here's some pills for the pain" he said handing them to me. 

"Thanks" I managed to say.

He left the room. I just sat there frustrated. Miranda had left with the doctor.

~ A week later ~

I was out of the hospital and they let me go home to pack some things and say goodbye.I walked around in tears. I remember my childhood here in London. Our family memories. I had no idea how this all worked. I packed my bags they had my favorite clothes, some of my dads shirts, his favorite watch, my moms jewelry, some of her clothes, my electronics ( phone, ipod, and macbook.)(Yup she was spoiled), My savings, my parents rainy day money, and just memories ( things we did together and photos). I walked over to Jade's house and we said our goodbye.


(A/N can you guys tell me if I should continue or just stop? That is if anyone's reading this. cx)


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