dont Leave Me

Well theres these two teens and one of them is off to university so they wont see eachother again for a whole year will they be able to manage it?


2. Leaving the most precious thing

before he went but the taxi driver got quite mad because they were taking such a long time so he had to get going he slowly got into the car and blew a last kiss. The taxi sped away up the road and they all went back in doors to sort out the washing but not Morgan. Morgan started packing her bags but her mum came through and asked ''why are you packing''  and Morgan's reply was ''umm im not''

and she put the suitcase back in her cubered until her mum finally  went out. Morgan got her suitcase out and finished her packing when a taxi pulled up outside the house. She sneaked out of the house and into the taxi. Following Louis all the way to America. It took hours and hours to get to America and when the finally got there they went into the hotel, whilst Louis was checking she hid behind a plant and when he went to find his room she followed. When he found his room and went in the door slammed shut behind him and Morgan banged on the door. Louis answered the door '' Morgan, how did you get here'' he said, she  replied ''I missed you so much and I knew that I had to come'' ''that's so sweet'' he said. They both went into the room to unpack. Morgan's phone kept ringing but she just ignored it, Louis and Morgan both knew that it wasn't a good idea but if they wanted to stay together this is what they had to do. The next day Morgan helped Louis get ready for his first day at University. The year went so quick for Louis in University he passed all his test he needed to pass so it was time for him to look at some jobs but he didn't want to pick one just yet. He thought it was about time that he spent some time with his special lady Morgan.

The End

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