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Me and My Screwed up, Fun and Awesome Life but Shhh Its a Secret :* *RolePlay*


5. Entry 5# QOTD

Hey! So I just logged on to see that i can't mumble! That makes me really sad because I like to see who all is on through them, and I know your probably saying in your head. Why not just look at there Profile? Okay I'm Going to answer that in all seriousness. Okay these are going to be numbered for you because yes I'm that neat...

1. I don't like to stalk profiles like that...

2.I follow to many people to be going onto their Profiles and just go "Yup they arent on Cross them off the list"

3.The Online Bar is NEVER right.

4.I don't know who wants to talk or who wants to be left alone...

Yes those are my reasons...There good right? XD

I am sad about that though, But hey I can't change anything...But resently I saw that one of my fans Posted my song 'We Can't Back Down' on their wall saying that all RP accounts need to take it seriously! I will fight for it but I just don't want my account deleted. I don't want to lose all of you!

Hopefully that link worked...If it didn't search the song on Youtube :) Sorry for making you do work. So if you guys want to explain the whole mumble situation to me that would be amazing! but please don't be mean with it I just want to clear it up. Thanks for it! Oh Im Going to Start doing a question of the day! Yeah I'm doing that! Your answer could be picked and Ill do something for you! Yeah I don't know what yet..So think of the most creative, Funny and talented answer! 

I can't wait to read your answers! See Ya!

QOTD- If you could be anything in the entire world what would you be? Remember you can only be one thing!


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