My Journal

Me and My Screwed up, Fun and Awesome Life but Shhh Its a Secret :* *RolePlay*


4. Entry 4# Sorry!

I'm Back! God I can't remember the last time I wrote in this! I've been in California for the past six days and I was house hunting...I wanna talk about something amazing though. My Fans! I love my Lovatic's! I never knew they would love me back! I have 74 fans on this website now! Thats Big! So I've been thinking...When I hit 100 Fans I'm Going to do something Special for all of my fans...Something Nobody on here has done but I just can't think of anything...I mean I could Reveal 100 things about me...I could Give all of them a virtual hug? I don't know I just want to do something to show that I really do love them! Or Maybe I could do two things I Just Don't Know! I need Suggestions for that...Well anyway I have news! I released my new music video for Made in the USA and I really want you guys to like it because I put a lot of work into it so yeah...I'm kind of mad because People are saying so much terrible stuff about Cory Monteith. He wasn't a bad person! Nobody should be going to his funeral to protest...I hate when people do that its just so sick and wrong! Okay before I start ranting I'm going to go... Short entry I know but hey not much is going on...




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