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3. Entry 3# Hilarious!

I'm Finally not having a mental breakdown haha! Finally!! Okay so I thought I could make this entry a little more fun/funny so yeah here ya go I saw this and thought it was Hilarious.

"The Confession"

Jenny:You ready for this?

Tom:Not Really

Jenny: You'll be fine *Kisses Him*

*Walks into kitchen together*

Jenny: Chris, we have something to tell you.


*Back in living room*

Tom: I think that went well.

Jenny: You threw up and we both left

Tom: Ahh its all in the past

Jenny:It was literally 30 seconds ago

Tom:That's a matter of opinion

Jenny:No it isn't, Lets try again.

*Goes back into kitchen*

Jenny:Chris we have something to tell you.

Tom: *Chloroforms Self and falls to the ground*

*Back in the living room*

Tom: I chloroformed myself didn't I?

Jenny:Yeah you did...

Tom: *Tries to Chloroform self again*

Jenny:*Slaps his Hand* Don't do it again! Look you take the lead this time!

*Back into kitchen*

Tom:sdjerjhuyshfahsgdyvfdj fjsdffdgkjgjcdadnfmyfghh

*In the kitchen again*

Tom:See the thing is Jenny and I...Ill just kill him

Jenny: No No No!

Tom: Let me kill him let me shoot him in the face!

Jenny: No!

*In the kitchen again*

Tom: Mum, Dad I'm Gay!

Jenny: Wrong! I hope...

*In the kitchen again*

Tom: If I shoot him we can Make out!

Jenny:Tom No!

Tom:This could be so easy!

*In The kitchen again*

Tom:When two people spend a lot of time together-

Jenny: Where are your Legs!

*In the Kitchen AGAIN*

Tom: Chris-

Future Tom: Tom I'm you from the future tell him he's ugly!

Tom: Your Chubby!

Jenny: You can't even get that right!

*In the living room*

Tom: I'm Really bad at this aren't I?

Jenny: Yeah Chris is never going to find out that we are dating...

Tom:Oh That's hat were doing! 

*In the Kitchen again*

Tom: Chris I know this is hard for you to hear but I am dating your sister!

Chris:Yeah that's fine *gets Shot*

Tom: Oops

Jenny:That went well

Tom: Yeah it did 




Yeah I know its weird but the video is Hilarious Well you might have thought this was funny though...

Whatever! If you want to see the video leave me a comment about it and Ill reply to your comment with the video link!

Well I'm Gonna go...Ill be back later!



P.S How would you like that as your boyfriend XD

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