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Me and My Screwed up, Fun and Awesome Life but Shhh Its a Secret :* *RolePlay*


2. Entry 2# My Mental Breakdown

Day two on this awesome site woo! High five to all of my fans! So today's been nice! although there has been some drama I'm not going to lie. You know what I think the worst kind of drama is Relationship drama...I have no clue where that came from but hey I guess I can do what I want in my Journal :) Okay so I had a 'Talk' with my buddie Niall last night at like 2:30 in the morning (Don't ask why I was up so late...Unless you really want too...) I could tell he was having some problems but I don't know what was wrong....and if you really know me well I give to many F**** about people (Do you like my bleeping method? XD ) I don't want to Butt in on his Personal life but I just want to make sure he's okay...does that make sense...I don't know...But hopefully I can talk to him again and maybe even make him feel better because I'm literally over here dying thinking of the things that are bugging him...God I sound like a stalker...But yeah back to today I might skip back to the Niall thing Later in this I don't know yet...Would he say he's in L-O-V-E well if it was me than I would I WOULD! Oops sorry I'm listening to I would haha. Well I guess I can say some of the people I got to talk to recently :)

I got to talk to Victoria Justice, Ariana Grande (Who I am a HUGE fan of), Perrie Edwards, Zayn Malik, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lawrence, Austin Mahone, Maddie (Who still needs to tell me her full name! I'M WAITING!) Cher Lloyd, Harry Styles, Jade Thirlwall, Eleanor Calder, Ashley Benson and so Many more people that I am a Huge fan of well can I just say I love you all! As friends Calm Yourselves haha. But okay I can't resist We have to go back to Niall. Why is he sad I mean really if any of you could tell me that would re-leave me a bit! Oh no did I do something! Oh God I did it! I have to apologize when he gets back on! Wait first I have to figure out what I did....It might have been the whole Hint Hint whats wrong thing I said to him...Oh My Gerd Someone help me out here with this I'm going Mental! If anyone comes to my house make sure I'm not in a corner rocking back and forth! Oh Gerd! Okay so I'm Probably going to add more enties today to keep myself sane so keep a look out for those because a lot of my friends say I am funny when Im going mental :)

See you guys Later and Btw If you want to talk to me through any of my mumbles that would keep me sane as well...




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