My Journal

Me and My Screwed up, Fun and Awesome Life but Shhh Its a Secret :* *RolePlay*


1. Entry 1# Love and Hate

Ive Finally gotten used to this website but I just have to get something off my chest... The more people I see In love and The more people I see broken by it, Just makes me think. I don't want to be single but I don;t want to have my heart broken. But I guess thats life...Everything breaks especially something as fragile as a heart. I just want everyone to be in love...Is that to much to ask....Well I guess it is because there's so much hate and so much fighting... Please all I ask is that we stop and treasure the people we have before we lose them in a fight or before our hearts get broken. I know this is a weird entry but I just needed to say that. If any of you ever need to talk Im here. I know this was short but hey I needed to say this...


I love you guys with all of my heart! 




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